MUA £1 Nail Varnish 

Absolutely love a bargain !! MUA is probably one of the best budget make up brands I have tried. Very good value ! I have a few of their £1 nail varnishes. The newest edition to my collection is in the shade Pistachio Ice Cream.  This is my current fav for the spring/ summer. A very fun and fresh colour.  You can purchase this from Superdrugs. 

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Lip Balm + swatches + photos

Sometimes, I just love wearing a simple natural kind of lipstick. I was pleasantly surprised when I brought Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Colour Rush Lip Balm in the shade 700 Not An Illusion from Superdrug’s.


The colour is a very natural rosey pink/brown that should suit most skin tones. The colour is not intense/pigmented, it is quite sheer once applied on my lips but I like that for an everyday look for work.


I love how the texture is soft, creamy and hydrating therefore very much like a tinted lip balm, it does not accentuate any dry patches/skin on my lips. It makes my lips look healthier even.


I love the no fuss packaging, the lip balm looks like a crayon, you just twist the bottom for more product. I can apply this without a mirror even! Does this product last all day, sadly no, however when wearing it for 8 hours I only had to top up once after lunch, for a lip balm that is pretty impressive to me!


Has anyone tried this lip balm out? I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a simple natural look!


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My Birthday Look 


On Sunday it was my birthday, I had plans to go to the shard and dinner and wanted to dress up a little, why not it is my birthday after all hehe!! I wanted to keep my look simple, elegent and sophisticated and nothing too dramatic.

If you would like to create the look in the above photo please see below products I have used. 


  • Barry M eyeshadow pot in silver 
  • Rimmel liquid eyeliner for eye wing effect 
  • L’Oreal false lash superstar mascara 


  • Make up forever HD foundation in the shade 128 
  • Ben nye banana powder for setting my foundation 
  • Bourjois blusher in the shade 74 Rose Amber 


  • L’Oreal  colour riche matte lipstick shade 640 Erotique 
  • Aquaphour skin balm 


  • Lancome hypnose – such a nice sweet scent. 


  • Dress – – black peplum dress with emblieshed pearl neck line £25
  • Accessories – silver pearl wrist cuff from primark £3 and White pearl ring from Forever 21. 


The shard was an amazing experience and fantastic views, my lychee martini was delicious!! (Had just the one as im getting old lol ) 


We then went for dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant barbecoa The starters was amazing, small but very tasty (Pork cheeks) but my main was just average (ribs) however the view of St. Paul’s cathedral made up for this. 


I had fantastic day thanks to my amazing loved ones  🙂 

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Bhavi xoxo 


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hair


My hair has been looking a little dead,as I have been loosing some hair recently, and therefore wanted to try a volume shampoo regime. No one likes flat lifeless hair right?! My hair is not ultra thin, but nor is it big and voluminous, i would think its somewhere in between.


I saw John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo + Conditioner at boots part of as 3 for 2 offer, it sounded good  stating it will make hair visibly full as well as being touchable soft. I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for 8 weeks now and I have not noticed much volume, maybe a tiny bit more but not noticeable. However, claims with this shampoo not stripping out your hair is correct as I have noticed it is a lot more gentle on my hair compared to other shampoos, I have also noticed less hair loss. Which is great. The conditioner is not very moisturizing and not as creamy as other conditioners.


Due to the offer I had also purchased John Frieda 7 day Volume in shower treatment. This is a treatment to amplify hair thickness for up yo  7 days. Now, I do not have one good thing to say about this product. It did absolutely nothing regarding thickness. I had followed all the instructions, but it did not even create volume the slightest bit for one day let alone for up to 7 days. In fact I had noticed the complete opposite – my hair became more flat and more greasy on my roots.

In my opinion , the smell of all these products are not very nice, I mean its not the worse smell, it is very tolerable, but it is a very dull odd smell that i can not describe.

Final Verdict: This product was nice and gentle on my hair but it had not created volume for my hair nor did it smell nice. This may perhaps work on people who have ultra fine hair, but I would not purchase this again. 2 stars out of 5

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Dr Paw Paw Original Balm Review


Hi guys! Over these colder months my lips have been getting very dry! Although I love using aquaphour, I fancied trying out something new. I have been using this for the last few months and therefore can give a proper review on this. 

This product claims it is multi purpose balm with natural fermented paw paw.  Paw paw is a fruit found in eastern America, where natives have been using this fruit for skin benefits for many years. 

 This product can be used for lips, skin, hair, cuticles and nails. I have used this on my lips, cuticles and on my skin where i have dry patches such as dry elbows, hands , feet etc and it has worked wonders. It also claims it can be used as a face primer and for insect bites ( I still need to try this ) Therefore it’s claims being a multi purpose product is spot on !! 

The texture of this is a clear, thick but creamy and blendable balm and does not feel heavy on my lips. It is extremely nourishing and my lips feel moisturised instantly. 


I love how this product is made of natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin and this has not irritated my skin. It is also fragrance free which is a bonus ! I hate scented products. 

I highly recommend this balm as it is one of them products that you can continuously reach out for whether it’s for your lips, skin, hair etc 

There is also tinted versions available in peach and red. I think I will be purchasing those too!! 

This can be brought directly from the Dr paw paw website for £6.95 woth free delivery or from Urban Outfitters for £7 

Final verdict: 5 stars !!

Have a nice weekend all 🙂 

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GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Crayon 

Hey Guys!! I know I know it has been an awfully long time since I last posted up on my blog. I have been incredibly busy. But better later late than never ey 😛

Talking about life being hectic at the moment – applying make up short cuts is exactly what i needed when i tried out GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Crayon in the shade 03 Light Copper.

The packaging of this product is amazing, it is really simple and sheek, it comes in a twist type pen, which is simple to operate and very light weight/small to chuck into a handbag. (chucking a standard powder eye shadow in a bag can sometimes break and get very messy).


This eye shadow is super quick to use. Simply apply and blend. The colour is a beautiful light copper, which can be applied with a light hand for a natural look yet easily to build up the colour for a more dramatic look. There is also a lovely metallic glitter sheen to the eye shadow. This colour should suit most skin shades.

This is absolutely great when in a rush, i can even apply this on whilst on the tube. No brushes are needs, i swipe it across my lids and then use my finger to blend the colour out.

I highly recommend those who are in a rush or find applying the standard eye shadow powder too difficult/messy then deffo give this a try. I am happy with this purchase, the colour is perfect for a subtle glow look, some golds can look very yellowy or too bright, this is colour is a beautiful shade where it looks more neautral and natural.

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Magic Lipsticks + Swatches + Photos


In the summer I had visited Morrocco, where I realised a magic lipstick was sold everywhere. At first I did not pay attention to it, as the bright green plastic packaging had put me off. However, after visiting a spa, the consultant showed us this Moroccan magic lipstick in detail. She stated it was a magic lipstick that appeared green but changes pink on your lips. For only 90p it was definitely worth a shot!The shade of pink varies on everyone as the colour works accordingly with the PH levels of your skin.

IMG_9545         IMG_9541

When I first applied this on my lips, it was very smooth and smelt like aloe vera. My lips turned into a nice mid tone pink. I noticed as the day goes on, the colour becomes deeper and brighter, and becomes more of a hot pink! I would say this lipstick is more like a lip balm as it is very nourishing. The colour is not as pigmented as a lipstick but not as opaque as a lip balm, perhaps more like a lip stain. However, as stated above as the day goes on the colour of the lipstick will show more.


Not only is this magic for changing from green to pink. It is also magic as this lipstick lasts all day! I can eat, drink, kiss and it does not budge nor transfer!! At the end of the day of course there is a little fading after doing all that, but after 8 hours of wear its definitely much better than any other lipstick out there! I would give this lipstick 5 out of 5 stars. I don’t care if the packaging is worn out and peeling of, it may look cheap,but  it is by far my favorite lipstick. Any girls out there who’s boyfriends hate getting your lipstick all over their faces then you have to try this out and your boyfriends will be a lot happier!!


Because I loved this Moroccan Magic Lipstick soo much, I wanted to see if I could find something similar in the UK. Also, I wanted to find a red magic lipstick as I usually find red lipsticks are the hardest to maintain without it moving across my face whilst eating! I ordered the Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick.

IMG_9543    IMG_9542

This lipstick comes in a standard plastic black and transparent packaging. Again, this lipstick is suppose to change colour due to your mood. This lipstick smells like lipstick compared to the lip balm feel/scent of the Moroccan version. This lipstick is red and once applied it is a pinky-red lipstick. Again, as the day goes on, this lipstick leans more towards a red. Which is great for those that do not want to wear a true red lipstick.


This lipstick does have great staying power but not as transfer proof as the Moroccan lipstick. This lipstick takes a good couple of hours to fully dry, as the day goes on I find this lipstick becomes more transfer proof. I would give this lipstick 4 out of 5 stars.


Both these lipsticks are great, they both have excellent staying power and are transfer proof. Sometimes even after make up remover and washing my face I can still see a slight lip stain on my lips. Shows how much these lipsticks don’t want to budge!! FYI – Both these lipsticks have other colours available which all conduct a different shade of pink.


Moroccan Magic Lipstick – I had purchased this from Morrocco for 90p – If you visit you will find these everywhere for soo cheap! Otherwise, I have found these available on Ebay for £2.50 – Still a bargain!!

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick in Red – I had purchased this from Ebay for £3.99.


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