Make up forever HD High Definition Powder Review

Do you hate caking up your face with several types of chemicals and all sorts from make up? I am always trying to limit the amount of extra chemicals I put on my face. I have recently been using setting powders with no talc in them, due to having problematic skin, talc can clog pores etc. However there are not that many powders out there with no talc. I had been using The Balms: Sexy Mama face powder for about a year now, don’t get me wrong I do like it, however sometimes it can oxide slightly. I was on the hunt for a pure translucent setting powder with no talc or chemicals.

I was intrigued by the Make up forever HD High Definition Powder. The only ingredient in this is Silica. No talc or extra chemicals/perfumes etc. A very basic product. The less ingredients the better I say!


I was torn between the loose powder and the pressed powder. I much prefer the convenience of a pressed powder however the press powder has more ingredient’s in it and therefore opted for the loose powder. Yes it is a little messy, you loose a little product when you open the lid! It does have a sifter therefore not a huge amount of powder escapes! You need very little powder to set your foundation. I can see the powder lasting a long time! I had used a little more powder once to see what happens and my face actually had dry patches. For reference I do have dry combination skin, therefore very little works for me and my face does not get greasy till about 6 hours later. Perhaps for oily skin, a little more product is needed.


TIP: While the lid is closed I turn the tub upside down and i turn it back upright again. Once opened I use the powder that is on the circle part of the lid (as per above photo). Yup that’s right – that’s how little you need to use for your whole face!!

This powder is very finely milled, it does look a bit daunting that it is pure white, but do not fear it is translucent on any skin tones! I have brown skin and I have no white cast. Just be careful to not over do it otherwise you may encounter a Nicole Kiddman moment of white cast all over her face with flash photography. Luckily this has not happen to me with flash!

MUFE claims this powder is HD, those claims I can not state is true for me, however it does set my make up beautifully and makes faint blemish’s look a little more airbrushed, therefore I would highly recommend this powder for setting your make up.

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MUA £1 Nail Varnish 

Absolutely love a bargain !! MUA is probably one of the best budget make up brands I have tried. Very good value ! I have a few of their £1 nail varnishes. The newest edition to my collection is in the shade Pistachio Ice Cream.  This is my current fav for the spring/ summer. A very fun and fresh colour.  You can purchase this from Superdrugs. 

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Dr Paw Paw Original Balm Review


Hi guys! Over these colder months my lips have been getting very dry! Although I love using aquaphour, I fancied trying out something new. I have been using this for the last few months and therefore can give a proper review on this. 

This product claims it is multi purpose balm with natural fermented paw paw.  Paw paw is a fruit found in eastern America, where natives have been using this fruit for skin benefits for many years. 

 This product can be used for lips, skin, hair, cuticles and nails. I have used this on my lips, cuticles and on my skin where i have dry patches such as dry elbows, hands , feet etc and it has worked wonders. It also claims it can be used as a face primer and for insect bites ( I still need to try this ) Therefore it’s claims being a multi purpose product is spot on !! 

The texture of this is a clear, thick but creamy and blendable balm and does not feel heavy on my lips. It is extremely nourishing and my lips feel moisturised instantly. 


I love how this product is made of natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin and this has not irritated my skin. It is also fragrance free which is a bonus ! I hate scented products. 

I highly recommend this balm as it is one of them products that you can continuously reach out for whether it’s for your lips, skin, hair etc 

There is also tinted versions available in peach and red. I think I will be purchasing those too!! 

This can be brought directly from the Dr paw paw website for £6.95 woth free delivery or from Urban Outfitters for £7 

Final verdict: 5 stars !!

Have a nice weekend all 🙂 

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Budget Make Up Stand


Good evening guys. Just a quick review for you tonight. My make up stash is increasingly growing, making it very difficult for me to find any products! Even more so as I have one big make up bag where I dump everything. I was generally looking through amazon the other day and I saw a lovely acrylic make up stand. It has compartments for lipsticks, brushes, blushers, powders and for foundations. Perfect for my everyday make up. It displays nicely on my table and makes my life that little bit easier as I have no trouble finding my products now. I have managed to fit everything I need for my daily make up. It is perfect and would recommend this stand to anyone especially as it is only £6.99. I managed to get £5 off it as I had a amazon voucher 😁so for £1.99 I am very happy!! Please click here to purchase.



What do you use to keep your make up stash tidy?

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Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick : Funtime Fuchsia 330.


Hey guys, sorry it has been a while since i have last posted – it has been a very busy summer for me. It has been a beautiful summer in England this year therefore i had to make the most of being outdoors 😀 . Talking about sun, I had brought my self a summery lipstick. I picked up; Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade Funtime Fuchsia 330. I had purchased this lipstick from Superdrug. The name instantly grabbed my attention and the colour definitely looked ‘fun’.


With flash


No Flash

The colour is a deep pink/ fuchsia colour with tints of a raspberry. It is a very bold and vibrant colour. Unfortunately when I took this lippy home and tried it on I did not fall in love with it, it was perhaps too bright for my liking. However it may be perfect for a summer night out worn with a white dress, as this will really make the vibrant lipstick stand out from the crowed.


The lipstick is very pigmented and will last a very long time, even when I had removed the lipstick I could still see a slight stain on my lips and had to clean my lips twice!!



Bhavini xox

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer


As the weather is really heating up this summer, it has left my skin to be more oily than usual. I have never used a primer before as I have not needed one; however having a shiny face is not very appealing! I have previously heard other bloggers praise about the ‘Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer’ and wanted to give this a go.

I was happy to had found out that smashbox is available from Boots. There were sooo many different types’ of smashbox primers to choose out of from depending on your skin type. However the sales assistant was very friendly and stated the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer was the most popular primer and should keep my oily skin at bay. This had cost me £25, please click here to purchase.


I like the packaging of this product as it is hygienic due to being a squeezy bottle and that the bottle is see through as this really helps to know how much product is remaining. The primer is oil free and contains vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea, having any sort of skin benefits added to a product is always a plus!


The primer is a clear coloured gel with not much sent at all. The texture of the primer is very silky and feels like velvet on my skin! It feels beautiful. Smashbox states that this primer can “increase the longevity of the foundation while reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores”. I can not comment on how well it works on fine lines as I do not have any. However this primer does make my foundation last longer and is a great canvas for my foundation as it gives it a more semi – matt application. Nevertheless this primer does not make my foundation last a huge amount more than without it and I also find my skin becomes oily again after a little while. To resolve this problem I usually add powder on top and this lasts much longer.

I would say this primer does a good job in controlling the shine and the longevity of my foundation, but not a great job and I am interested to see if there is better out there on the market. Due to these reasons I don’t think I would re- purchase this product again as it is expensive and I will probably invests in a high street primer next time.

Bhavini xox