Herbal Essences bio:rebew shampoo

In this winter weather my hair becomes dry and frizzy due to the harsh winds and rain. Don’t know about you but during this season my hair needs more hydration and repair.

I decided to try the new Herbal Essences bio:renew line – Argan oil of Morocco as it is targeted to repair hair making it softer. I also liked that this shampoo is free from colourants, gluten and is pH balanced.

Upon application the texture of both the shampoo and conditioner are both soft, thick and creamy. They are a dream to apply and easy to wash off without tangling my hair.

The smell is beautiful, I can not put my finger on the scent exactly, a little like vanilla but overall it has a sweet scent.

After blow drying and straightening my hair, it does definitely feel a lot softer, shiner and smoother than before. So soft that I feel my hair looks too straight after straightening if that is such a thing!? But in this weather that is a good thing as I find my hair is straighter for longer when in the rain. The one down side of this shampoo I find perhaps due to all the softening affects is that it makes my hair last one day less to washing when compared to some other shampoos.

After washing and styling my hair  

Thank you for reading

Bhavi x o x o