Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish


I had recently purchased this nail polish when there was an offer on at Superdrug when I picked up maybellines gel eye liner (buy one get the other half price). Therefore I could not say no to a nail polish for £1.50! I picked up their colour show range nail polish in the shade 357 Burgundy Kiss. I lovely browny maroon colour. Perfect for the Autumn months!! I love it!!

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Barry M Gel Nail Polish

Currently white nail polish is very much in trend. It is pretty much a bold colour and some may not even like this colour due to the fact it reminds them of school days and painting their nails with tip-ex (I never done this btw lol). However I quite like the white nail look.

I purchased the Barry M gel nail polish in the shade coconut. It applied easily, however in comparison to the original version the longevity is not much difference at all. But I did find the gel version does give a more of a shine finish for £1 more, you might as well make that little splurge hehe!!

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Want Longer Stronger Nails ?


Want longer nails, with more strength and less breakage?  – I have been getting these results from Sally Hansen’s maximum strength nail polish. It states on the packaging:

How it works: Cellulose fiber formula forms a micro-besh barrier that supports and protects nails, making them stronger and more resistant to damage.

The results: stronger nails in just 1 week.

To use: Apply 1 coat to bare nails every other day or use under nail colour.


I had forgotten to apply the nail polish every other day, I have just been using it twice a week for 2 weeks now, and I have noticed a difference:

  •  My nails are harder and feel stronger
  • My nails chip a lot less than usual.
  • My nails have grown quicker.

Right, I just want to state that this is not a miracle worker, it does not make your nails grow a lot over night, I don’t think any product out there does! But I recon because this nail polish prevents breakage it allows your nails to grow quicker than without the nail polish. It has worked very well for me, I have done a lot of washing up and cleaning this week and only one nail had chipped a little, I quickly nail filed the breakage and applied another coat of Maximum Strength polish on that nail, now that nail has grown back to normal after a week. Usually if my nail had chipped it would have ended up chipping more and looking very silly that I would of had to cut the nail very short.

One layer of Sally Hansen Maximum Strength polish on my nails.

One layer of Sally Hansen Maximum Strength polish on my nails.

The colour of the nail polish looks whitesh- pink from the packaging, however once a thin layer is applied on to the nails it appears more transparent. This maximum strength nail polish also does a brilliant job as a base coat, it makes a very smooth base when applying a nail colour on top. I have also noticed it makes my nail polish last slightly longer. Below i have used one of my favourite nail polish colours (Barry M – Nail Paint in shade 161 Vivid Purple) on top of Sally Hansen’s Maximum nail polish.



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