John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hair


My hair has been looking a little dead,as I have been loosing some hair recently, and therefore wanted to try a volume shampoo regime. No one likes flat lifeless hair right?! My hair is not ultra thin, but nor is it big and voluminous, i would think its somewhere in between.


I saw John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo + Conditioner at boots part of as 3 for 2 offer, it sounded good  stating it will make hair visibly full as well as being touchable soft. I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for 8 weeks now and I have not noticed much volume, maybe a tiny bit more but not noticeable. However, claims with this shampoo not stripping out your hair is correct as I have noticed it is a lot more gentle on my hair compared to other shampoos, I have also noticed less hair loss. Which is great. The conditioner is not very moisturizing and not as creamy as other conditioners.


Due to the offer I had also purchased John Frieda 7 day Volume in shower treatment. This is a treatment to amplify hair thickness for up yo  7 days. Now, I do not have one good thing to say about this product. It did absolutely nothing regarding thickness. I had followed all the instructions, but it did not even create volume the slightest bit for one day let alone for up to 7 days. In fact I had noticed the complete opposite – my hair became more flat and more greasy on my roots.

In my opinion , the smell of all these products are not very nice, I mean its not the worse smell, it is very tolerable, but it is a very dull odd smell that i can not describe.

Final Verdict: This product was nice and gentle on my hair but it had not created volume for my hair nor did it smell nice. This may perhaps work on people who have ultra fine hair, but I would not purchase this again. 2 stars out of 5

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo


2 thoughts on “John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hair

  1. I’ve seen this shampoo and conditioner before and had doubts buying it or not but now I know not to as my hair is very similar to yours. Thanks xx

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