Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder Review


Whether you like Kim Kardashian West or not, you can not deny that her make up is always on point! A product that she uses for highlighting and brightening under her eyes is Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder.


About: Ben Nye is a family run business founded 50 years ago, originally created for professionals such as broad way and film stars. Due to its longivity and staying power of their make up it has lead the rest of the public very interested in Ben Nye products. However, ever since Kim Kardashian West had stated that she uses this banana powder, it had many many people out there wanting to try this product and my oh my it has hit the blogging world big time. With many great reviews I had to try this out for my self.

Packaging: The packaging of this product is pretty simple. A transparent  tub with a black plastic screw on lid. I like how it is transparent as it allows me to see how much product I have left. When I first opened this product there was no way the powder could come out! From previous reviews on this product they have stated there is a lid with holes to allow the powder to be shaken out but my product did not have this, perhaps my tub was faulty. Nevertheless, I just poked some holes in my self with a pin!! I have the 42g tub, there are larger tubs available also.


Formula: The product is a loose powder. I have never been a fan of loose powder as it can go everywhere, but as this powder is soo amazing I am willing to risk that! Plus with some practicing you do get used to it. The powder has yellow undertones, which is great for Asian/Indian/olive/tanned skin tones. This is great because when I apply this under my eye area there is no ash/white cast left be hide which I previously get with other powders. Nevertheless, Ben Nye also do a selection of other colours to suit every skin tone!  The powder itself is very fine and the texture is very smooth which glides on and blends in beautifully.



Blended in

Blended in

Applicaton: I pour a little bit of this loose powder into the inside of the lid, I then dip the tip of my beauty blender dupe in.


I apply the powder to areas of my face I wish to highlight which are under my eyes, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead and my chin. I leave this on for a few minutes and then I brush of any access powder. Don’t worry it my look very yellow on application but it certainly does not finish like this. I would say it is a translucent powder that has a hint of yellow undertone.


You instantly see the brightness and glow to the areas applied! But not only does it brightens up your face it also great at keeping oily skin at by. This powder has oil control that stays put all day. Leaving your skin semi-matt but with a natural glow finish. If you have dry skin, I would suggest only using a little bit of this powder as too much can look flakey!

Availability: I had purchased this little pot of magic from Guru Makeup Emporium for £9.95!! Now this is a bargain! This product is extremely hard to find at a store in the UK as Ben Nye is an American product. All the details for this store is posted on my previous review where I had also purchased the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation from this store. If you have olive/yellow undertones both these products used together may work great for you as it has for me! 😀

Overall verdict: Ben Nye Banana Powder is my HG powder, No wonder celebrities love using it. I definitely recommend this product for highlighting and for a natural semi-matt finish that controls oil! 5 stars *****

Below is a photo of me wearing both Ex1 Invisiwear Foundation and Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder.


Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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11 thoughts on “Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder Review

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  3. My skin tone is just like yours, and i was curious to see how this powder would look. After reading this, i think i need to buy it! Lovely review

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