Magic Lipsticks + Swatches + Photos


In the summer I had visited Morrocco, where I realised a magic lipstick was sold everywhere. At first I did not pay attention to it, as the bright green plastic packaging had put me off. However, after visiting a spa, the consultant showed us this Moroccan magic lipstick in detail. She stated it was a magic lipstick that appeared green but changes pink on your lips. For only 90p it was definitely worth a shot!The shade of pink varies on everyone as the colour works accordingly with the PH levels of your skin.

IMG_9545         IMG_9541

When I first applied this on my lips, it was very smooth and smelt like aloe vera. My lips turned into a nice mid tone pink. I noticed as the day goes on, the colour becomes deeper and brighter, and becomes more of a hot pink! I would say this lipstick is more like a lip balm as it is very nourishing. The colour is not as pigmented as a lipstick but not as opaque as a lip balm, perhaps more like a lip stain. However, as stated above as the day goes on the colour of the lipstick will show more.


Not only is this magic for changing from green to pink. It is also magic as this lipstick lasts all day! I can eat, drink, kiss and it does not budge nor transfer!! At the end of the day of course there is a little fading after doing all that, but after 8 hours of wear its definitely much better than any other lipstick out there! I would give this lipstick 5 out of 5 stars. I don’t care if the packaging is worn out and peeling of, it may look cheap,but  it is by far my favorite lipstick. Any girls out there who’s boyfriends hate getting your lipstick all over their faces then you have to try this out and your boyfriends will be a lot happier!!


Because I loved this Moroccan Magic Lipstick soo much, I wanted to see if I could find something similar in the UK. Also, I wanted to find a red magic lipstick as I usually find red lipsticks are the hardest to maintain without it moving across my face whilst eating! I ordered the Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick.

IMG_9543    IMG_9542

This lipstick comes in a standard plastic black and transparent packaging. Again, this lipstick is suppose to change colour due to your mood. This lipstick smells like lipstick compared to the lip balm feel/scent of the Moroccan version. This lipstick is red and once applied it is a pinky-red lipstick. Again, as the day goes on, this lipstick leans more towards a red. Which is great for those that do not want to wear a true red lipstick.


This lipstick does have great staying power but not as transfer proof as the Moroccan lipstick. This lipstick takes a good couple of hours to fully dry, as the day goes on I find this lipstick becomes more transfer proof. I would give this lipstick 4 out of 5 stars.


Both these lipsticks are great, they both have excellent staying power and are transfer proof. Sometimes even after make up remover and washing my face I can still see a slight lip stain on my lips. Shows how much these lipsticks don’t want to budge!! FYI – Both these lipsticks have other colours available which all conduct a different shade of pink.


Moroccan Magic Lipstick – I had purchased this from Morrocco for 90p – If you visit you will find these everywhere for soo cheap! Otherwise, I have found these available on Ebay for £2.50 – Still a bargain!!

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick in Red – I had purchased this from Ebay for £3.99.


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Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder Review


Whether you like Kim Kardashian West or not, you can not deny that her make up is always on point! A product that she uses for highlighting and brightening under her eyes is Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder.


About: Ben Nye is a family run business founded 50 years ago, originally created for professionals such as broad way and film stars. Due to its longivity and staying power of their make up it has lead the rest of the public very interested in Ben Nye products. However, ever since Kim Kardashian West had stated that she uses this banana powder, it had many many people out there wanting to try this product and my oh my it has hit the blogging world big time. With many great reviews I had to try this out for my self.

Packaging: The packaging of this product is pretty simple. A transparent  tub with a black plastic screw on lid. I like how it is transparent as it allows me to see how much product I have left. When I first opened this product there was no way the powder could come out! From previous reviews on this product they have stated there is a lid with holes to allow the powder to be shaken out but my product did not have this, perhaps my tub was faulty. Nevertheless, I just poked some holes in my self with a pin!! I have the 42g tub, there are larger tubs available also.


Formula: The product is a loose powder. I have never been a fan of loose powder as it can go everywhere, but as this powder is soo amazing I am willing to risk that! Plus with some practicing you do get used to it. The powder has yellow undertones, which is great for Asian/Indian/olive/tanned skin tones. This is great because when I apply this under my eye area there is no ash/white cast left be hide which I previously get with other powders. Nevertheless, Ben Nye also do a selection of other colours to suit every skin tone!  The powder itself is very fine and the texture is very smooth which glides on and blends in beautifully.



Blended in

Blended in

Applicaton: I pour a little bit of this loose powder into the inside of the lid, I then dip the tip of my beauty blender dupe in.


I apply the powder to areas of my face I wish to highlight which are under my eyes, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead and my chin. I leave this on for a few minutes and then I brush of any access powder. Don’t worry it my look very yellow on application but it certainly does not finish like this. I would say it is a translucent powder that has a hint of yellow undertone.


You instantly see the brightness and glow to the areas applied! But not only does it brightens up your face it also great at keeping oily skin at by. This powder has oil control that stays put all day. Leaving your skin semi-matt but with a natural glow finish. If you have dry skin, I would suggest only using a little bit of this powder as too much can look flakey!

Availability: I had purchased this little pot of magic from Guru Makeup Emporium for £9.95!! Now this is a bargain! This product is extremely hard to find at a store in the UK as Ben Nye is an American product. All the details for this store is posted on my previous review where I had also purchased the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation from this store. If you have olive/yellow undertones both these products used together may work great for you as it has for me! 😀

Overall verdict: Ben Nye Banana Powder is my HG powder, No wonder celebrities love using it. I definitely recommend this product for highlighting and for a natural semi-matt finish that controls oil! 5 stars *****

Below is a photo of me wearing both Ex1 Invisiwear Foundation and Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder.


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EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Review


I am SUPER EXCITED to write this post!! As today I will be reviewing a foundation I can actually state as AMAZING!! The foundation I will be reviewing is called EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in the shade F300.


About Ex1

Ex1 was founded by British Asian Biochemist Farah Naz. Like most Asian/olive skin tone women Farah was very frustrated with the lack of high street products available to match her skin tone. Therefore she conducted a two year research program in order to create the perfect foundation for olive skin tones.

For all those that are Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Spanish and anyone else with olive/yellow skin tones this foundation should appeal to you, as I am sure we have all suffered the same difficulty as Farah Naz!!


This product is contained within a clear transparent plastic packaging with a copper lid. This packaging does not look cheap, it looks high end and it is travel friendly! I like this packaging as I can see how much product I have left. It also comes with a pump where the foundation moves up while you pump more product out which again is great for showing how much product you have left. The only downfall I have about the packaging is that the pump is not very sturdy sometimes you have to be careful with how the foundation disperses, as it can go everywhere!! However, I have now got used to this and have no problems with it.



Shades: The shades available are F100,F200,F300,F400,F500. Not a huge shade range, but lucky for me F300 worked perfectly!! It contains olive/beige and yellow undertones, what I love is that the yellow tones are not too strong and does not make me look like a member from TOWIE! For Autumn, Winter and Spring shade F300 should work great for me. It may be too light for me in the summer with a tan but I will probably purchase the next shade up for then. If you are unsure what shade you could be EX1 have conducted a shade matcher on there website, please click here to find your shade. They have compared there shades to Mac foundation shades which may help some when deciding. For reference I am MAC shade 41 and F300 is a great match for me. Unfortunately, this foundation may not suit pale or pink skin tones, as the undertones are best suited for olive skins and the lightest shade available is not that pale. However the darkest shaden(F500) does run quiet dark and will be great for any african/afro-carribean ladies.


Texture: This foundation is not too runny nor too thick, it is extremeley blendable. It works well with fingers, sponges and brushes!! My favorite method of application is my Sigma F88 as it gives the best flawless finish.

Skin type: I have combination skin – oily T-zone, with exzema around my mouth and normal skin on the remaining areas – Great combo huh? But this foundation tackled each part! It was hydrating enough to not let my ezeama look flakey and it kept my t-zone looking non-greasy! Therefore this foundation could work for every skin type – dry, normal, oily and combination.

Coverage: I would say this foundation is a light to medium to buildable coverage foundation, which is great as I can wear this in the day time or build it up more for a evening look. I usually use around 2 pumps which covers most my acne marks!

Finish: This foundation is a good semi-matt finish, with powder is more of a matt finish but my face still has a glow it does not look powdery or too matt. This foundation states it is ‘invisiwear’ meaning a natural finish, I believe this is true if you use one/two pumps. However if you are going for a good medium coverage look with three pumps you will be able to tell you are wearing foundation but you will not looked caked up compared to other full coverage foundations. For all you dewy skin lovers – fear not, I dampen my beauty blender dupe and the finish was dewy!

Lasting power: This foundation lasts all day. This foundation can look fresh for about 5/6 hours and can last a good 8/10 hours with just a little fading. I do not have to top up in between with extra foundation or powder!! I have not worn this foundation for more than 10 hours but I can likely see it lasting all day a night with an in between touch up.

 Price & Availability:

I was very lucky to stumble on this foundation in a store which allowed me to test this foundation before purchasing. If you live in London, you can visit Guru Make Up Emporium based in High Street Kensington  for £10.50!! Bargain for such a quality foundation! I can not praise the staff in this store enough, they were very friendly and helpful, I was there forever deciding on make up. What I like about this store is that they allow you to try as much make up as you like, they provide you with a mirror and a selection of make up brushes, I much prefer this as you can take your time trying on as many products as you like without irritating a beauty advisor or queing up for one. But fear not, there are beauty advisers there available to help you still! They also sell other make up brands that are not available in stores in the UK such as Make Up Forever and Ben Nye! I had also purchased Ben Nye Banana Powder when I had purchased this foundation, I will be reviewing this next time.

For online availability you can also purchase this at LookFantastic.Com £10.50 + Free UK delivery.

Overall Verdict: I give this foundation 5 out of 5 stars!! I have never given a foundation such great ratings, but this is now my HG foundation. Everything is great from the price to the quality to the coverage it provides!! I highly recommend this foundation  for all olive skin girls as I believe it is a foundation for all skin types. The shade is the best I have tried, it suits my olive Indian skin tone very well!


Above: Is a photograph of me wearing the foundation, I have kept the rest of my make up neutral to show you how well the foundation looks. 

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