Beauty Blender Dupe


never really liked using sponges to apply my foundation. I have seen many bloggers rave about the Beauty Blender sponge but was not prepared to pay around £20 for one. However I have seen dupes on Ebay for 99p! Thats right, you heard right 99p!! Please click here to purchase. What a dramatic difference to the original beauty blender price.

This dupe is a pink sponge that can also be purchased in cream or blue. It is not a complete round egg shape like the original but I prefer that it is not because the dents in the middle allow a nice space for your fingers, which allows a good grip for application. I also love the pointed top as this makes applications under the eyes and nose ever soo easy!


I think this  beauty sponge does a great jobs with applying foundation, no streak marks! Also for those that prefer a natural look, if you dampen the sponge before application you can create a more dewy finish. However I still prefer using my Sigma F88 Kabuki brush as I find the sponge is harder to wash and takes longer to dry. On the other hand, I love using this beauty blender dupe for applying my Ben Nye Banana Powder. I find my foundation lasts a lot longer and provides a more matt finish compared to a using a powder brush. Great for night outs and weddings as it gives a flawless finish!

I can not make a comparison with the original beauty blender, perhaps when the price has dropped I may try it out.

I would recommend this beauty blender dupe to everyone as for 99p you cant go wrong for giving it go :D. The only negative I have is as mentioned above, the cleaning difficulty.

Has anyone else tried the beauty blender sponge or any dupes

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Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxox


9 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Dupe

  1. I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like the beauty blender. I got it free in last month’s birchbox and I’m glad I didn’t pay that much for it. I’d have been so mad at myself. I just don’t get the hype? It’s a nitemare to wash and get clean. My favourite dupe has to be the good old triangle sponges, I just throw it away after each use and its just as good as the beauty blender with the results xx

    • Ah i do see where u are coming from with the hassel of beauty blenders, i find it difficult to wash therefore i only use it here and there. Prefer brushes. Thanks for your comment x

  2. I think damp sponge is a perfect tool for applying thicker foundation or if you have dry skin. It should be used only damp for foundation as this is how it works. I tried original one and I have dupe and there is no difference. I had worse sponge which got broken while I washed it and now I have different one which is much better quality but still cheap:) I think original beautyblend is overpriced!

    • Thank you so much for informing me that there is no difference. I was thinking that there would not be. I am glad i did not invest into an orginial beauty blender!! X

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