L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Colour Blackcurrant 262

Hi All,

I am very sorry it has a been a little while since my last post – it has been a little hectic at home due to having builders at my house. I have recently been getting a few grey years! At just 25 I am turning into a GRANDMA!! I used to notice the odd grey hair since I was about 16/17 years old but up until the last year the odd hair turned into a few!! I wanted to cover these bad boys up!! I don’t know much about dying hair, I had highlights about 10 years ago but nothing since. Therefore I wanted something subtle and that did not contain much chemicals. I turned to my mother who has been dying away her greys for many years – she recommend L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Colour. As this is a semi permanent ammonia free dye that lasts up to 28 washes. Sounded good to me!


I thought while I am dying my hair I should try another colour, many colours was not suited for black hair ( for reference I have natural very very dark brown/black hair). I picked up colour Blackcurrant 262 which is a browny-red colour. It stated at the back of the packet it would be suited for dark brown – black hair. My mother only uses a dark brown dye which is the same as her hair colour therefore I was a bit apprehensive if blackcurrant would even show up on my hair – but worth a shot for £6.79 and buy one get the other half price from Superdrug (second shade I got was darkest brown).


What the package included:

*1 tube of creme colourant.

*1 tube of developer creme

*1 precision tip applicator.

*1 bottle of shine enhancing conditioner with royal jelly.

*1 pair of gloves

*1 instruction leaflet

First of all I read the instructions and I did a patch test 48 hours before I dyed my hair, everything was fine no rashes therefore I went ahead with the process.


First I washed my hair then applied the dye all over. I then applied a shower cap on and instructions states to wait 20 minutes but I had waited 30 minutes before rinsing out (you should wait the given time however as I have very dark hair I wanted to wait longer). Rinsing this colour out was a nightmare I have washed my hair a few times now and my hair is still bleeding and still rubs off on my towel. It is a nightmare, I have not dyed my hair before but my mum stated this is more bleeding than what she experiences!


I was very disappointed with the outcome of this hair dye. My hair colour did not change, I was not expecting a dramatic change but thought there would be a tint of colour but my hair in general looks a bit darker. I think you can see a very slight red tint on my roots in certain lights – if that! However my grey strands did become red! The only plus points I can give is that this dye did cover my greys and that was the main purpose for me! It also left my hair incredibly soft due to the conditioner provided.

IMG_8493                          IMG_8492

Overall verdict

This dye is good with covering up greys, however the colour did not show up on my very dark brown hair. I have seen youtube videos of girls that have light-medium brown hair and the colour has worked on them. Seeming my hair is not damaged or dry I may use this dye again to cover my greys, but not blackcurrant but a colour same as my hair tone! I have only had this dye in my hair for a week therefore I can not comment about it lasting 28 washes yet but I will post an update.

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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13 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Colour Blackcurrant 262

  1. I find this hair dye a good choice. I used it before. But usually their dark shades become at first almost black..But as you have very dark hair for you it’s not a problem:)

  2. I never found the Casting very good for colour but it does make your hair super shiney! I too am trying to cover greys and have naturally dark hair but as a result of dying it red, purple and blue at various stages of my teens, I’m now left with permanent red tint to my hair which I do not appreciate! Anyway, I like the Feria range of hair dye, I go for the blue black one to try knock out the red tone, I like it anyway and it too gives a great glossy finish!x

      • Yeah but it’s not Marge Simpson blue or anything it just looks like a very cool black. It’s permanent but but fades generally about a month into it unless you use specific shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair!x

    • Hi there. Mine did not turn any lighter. Seeming that the colour barely showed in the first place (as i havw black hair) Only a slight tint under the light. I have heard on lighter hair (browns and blondes) that after a few washes the colour turns lighter. This is probably due to the fact it is a semi perm dye and it fades out after washes compared to permenant dyes which grow out with your hair growth.

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