My Saturday Night Make Up Look


As I got great feedback from My Saturday Make Up look post the other week, I have decided to do the same for this weekend. On Saturday I had attended my cousins reception party, which was great fun :D! It was an Indian reception party and therefore I wore a saree with a sparkly gold blouse due to this I wanted to keep my make up simplish.




1) Applied Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade 25 all over my lid first as my lids are a little dark. This also allows the eye shadow to pop out more!

2) I used Sleeks Divine Shadow Collection. It does not state the colours of each shadow. But according to the photo below I used number 1 all over my lid. This shade is a lovely metallic bronze colour. I then used number 2 which is a matt black colour. I made a side wards V shape on the edge of my lids and then blended both colours together in the middle.


3)Applied Rimmel London Exaggerate liquid eyeliner in black and created a wing look effect. This is a great eye liner, it is easy to apply and does not irritate my sensitive eyes.


4) Curled my top eyelashes and applied Maybelline The Collossal Go Extreme Mascara in Black.


1) Smashbox Photo finish primer applied everywhere


2) Applied EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in the shade F300 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation. For those that read my blog you would know I am always trying to find my perfect foundation! Being Indian with beige and yellow undertones it can be tricky finding a perfect much. I found this foundation out of chance, usually I like to check reviews out before purchasing but I was in store at Make Up Guru based in Kensington London. As soon as I tried this I loved it. The colour, texture, staying power, coverage etc  is pretty much perfect!! I will go into more detail about this foundation soon. It is so amazing it needs a detailed post!!


3)Ben Nye Banana Powder – another product that I am absolutely loving atm and again needs a detailed post on it soon! I apply this on areas that need highlighting – under the eyes, bridge of nose, chin, and forehead. I apply this with my beauty blender dupe. This powder brightens areas of your face and keeps your make up and oil control at bay! Best powder I have tried by far!

4) Sleek Face Form kit in Medium – I used the bronzer and highlighter on my cheeks.



I wanted to keep my lips simple with a pretty subtle pink colour.

1) Applied Boots Natural Collection lipstick in the shade cranberry – Medium berry-pink tone lipstick.

2) I then applied L’Oreal Glam Shine in the shade Perennial Rose – Lovely rose colour with some shimmer – perfect for an evening look and the shimmer flowed nicely with my shimmery saree blouse and eye shadow.


Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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Beauty Blender Dupe


never really liked using sponges to apply my foundation. I have seen many bloggers rave about the Beauty Blender sponge but was not prepared to pay around £20 for one. However I have seen dupes on Ebay for 99p! Thats right, you heard right 99p!! Please click here to purchase. What a dramatic difference to the original beauty blender price.

This dupe is a pink sponge that can also be purchased in cream or blue. It is not a complete round egg shape like the original but I prefer that it is not because the dents in the middle allow a nice space for your fingers, which allows a good grip for application. I also love the pointed top as this makes applications under the eyes and nose ever soo easy!


I think this  beauty sponge does a great jobs with applying foundation, no streak marks! Also for those that prefer a natural look, if you dampen the sponge before application you can create a more dewy finish. However I still prefer using my Sigma F88 Kabuki brush as I find the sponge is harder to wash and takes longer to dry. On the other hand, I love using this beauty blender dupe for applying my Ben Nye Banana Powder. I find my foundation lasts a lot longer and provides a more matt finish compared to a using a powder brush. Great for night outs and weddings as it gives a flawless finish!

I can not make a comparison with the original beauty blender, perhaps when the price has dropped I may try it out.

I would recommend this beauty blender dupe to everyone as for 99p you cant go wrong for giving it go :D. The only negative I have is as mentioned above, the cleaning difficulty.

Has anyone else tried the beauty blender sponge or any dupes

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Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxox

My Saturday Night Make Up Look


Hi Everyone, The above photo was taken on Saturday night, If you like this DRUGSTORE look and wish to create this your self then please read on as I will list the products I had used.



 1)Moisturized my face with Cetaphil Moisturising Cream – This is great if you suffer from dry skin.

2)Applied Smashbox Photo Finish Primer on to my face, only a pea amount is needed. This helps to keep my foundation to last longer.

3)SmashBox Studio Skin 15Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation (Sample Size) – This foundation is great, it oil free, it last all night with a medium coverage that looks natural. I only had to re apply powder once therefore it is pretty shine free. I will be purchasing the full size. For reference I wore shade 3.1 which is a decent match for my skin tone. I have not found any blog reviews on this shade therefore I will do one as soon as a purchase the full size.

4) Applied Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shade 25 – I use this as a concealer highlighter – I applied this under my eyes, bridge of my nose and the arch my my eyebrows.

5) Applied Maybelline SuperStay 24H Waterproof Powder in shade 30 Sand on my T-Zone area- This pressed powder compact is very long lasting, usually only have to reapply this once through the day. Gives me a shine free face. However if I apply too much of this, it does appear ashy as there is not enough yellow tones in this powder. I really want to try Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder (Kim Kardashians HG highlighting powder), but it is very hard to get hold of 😦 – If anyone knows an inexpensive place in the UK to purchase this let me know please!

6) Applied Sleek Face Form Kit in Medium – As you know I am loving contouring ATM. On Satuday I only did a light contour as my hair was covering half my face anyways. Applied the dark powder just with a light hand on the hallow of my cheeks and applied the highlighter on the top of my cheek bone.



1) W7 In The Buff – As you know I LOVE this eyeshadow palette, please click for full review here. I had applied the shade Camel all over my lid. I wanted a sutle light colour for my lids as I wanted to go for a bold lip.

2) Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eyeliner – Applied this on the top of my eyelash line with a wing. Please click for full review of this product here.

3)Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara in Leather Black – I am usually a fan of Loreal Mascara’s but this one was on offer for only £5 at Superdrug. It is indeed an intense black colour. It does lengthen and volumise my lashes however it can easily look clumpy if I apply to much product.



1) Applied Aquaphour lip therapy on my lips.

2) Applied Sally Hansen Inivisible Lip Liner – This is Amazing! It makes my lipsticks last so much longer and prevents them from bleeding.  Please click here for full review.

3) Appled Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade Glam Plum Fulham 470 – This lipstick is perfect for Autumn and night outs. It is a lovely deep plum/ dark red colour. I don’t usually like dark colours as I can not pull the ‘vamp look’ off, but this colour does not make me look vampy but like it states ‘glam’.



Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush –  I love this brush! I used this to apply my foundation.

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush –  This is from the core collection kit. I used this to apply my concealer as it is a small pointed brush great for under the eyes. I feel it is far too small to be used as a foundation brush.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – Again from the core collection kit. I used this to apply my powder as I can really buff the powder into my skin. Some like to use this brush for foundation, but I enjoy using this for powder as it is not too big and can reach smaller areas such as under the eyes and nose.

Ecotool Tapered Brush I use this to apply my contour and highlighting. Also great for applying blusher.

Real Techniques Shading Brush – I use this brush to apply my eyeshadow. The bristles are very soft however I find this brush too big  if I wanted to blend two colours on my eyelid but it is perfectly fine to apply one colour or a base colour.

Maybelline Eyeliner Brush –  This came with my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner – I enjoy using this brush.



1) Treseme Heat Defence Styling Spray – I must always use a heat defence before applying any heat products on my hair – it really prevents extra damaging!

2)Aussie Mircke Recharge Assome Volume – I spray this on the roots of my hair to create volume. I would not say this is an amazing product. It does provide me a little volume however it does not last all day. Nevertheless the product smells amazing!

3) GHD’s – This is my HG heat product, I can not live without them. I use it for straightening and curling my hair.  In this post I have curled my hair with them. They give me beautiful curls. I have used a wand and Tongs before but the curls don’t come out as nice nor last as long compared to using my GHD’s.  GHD’s last for years, I have been using these for 11 years and this is only my second GHD I had to purchase. My first one broke at University halls, I am not sure whether it was a technical fault or just my fault with a drunken night LOL 😛 !

4) L’Oreal Elnett Supereme Hold Very Volume –  I applied this hair spray all over and a little on my roots to give my hair an extra ‘lift’. This hair spray does provide some volume and good hold for most the night!  It gave my curls a lovely ‘bounce’. It does not make my hair feel like glue after neither!!

All these products can be found in Drugstores, I had purchased these products from Boots and Superdrugs. Apart from my GHD’s those were purchased from a Salon. Please feel free to ask any questions about my Saturday night look or any of the products mentioned above.

P.S – Dress was purchased from Bershka a couple years back. However, I have seen something similar in branch recently.

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Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Colour Blackcurrant 262

Hi All,

I am very sorry it has a been a little while since my last post – it has been a little hectic at home due to having builders at my house. I have recently been getting a few grey years! At just 25 I am turning into a GRANDMA!! I used to notice the odd grey hair since I was about 16/17 years old but up until the last year the odd hair turned into a few!! I wanted to cover these bad boys up!! I don’t know much about dying hair, I had highlights about 10 years ago but nothing since. Therefore I wanted something subtle and that did not contain much chemicals. I turned to my mother who has been dying away her greys for many years – she recommend L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Colour. As this is a semi permanent ammonia free dye that lasts up to 28 washes. Sounded good to me!


I thought while I am dying my hair I should try another colour, many colours was not suited for black hair ( for reference I have natural very very dark brown/black hair). I picked up colour Blackcurrant 262 which is a browny-red colour. It stated at the back of the packet it would be suited for dark brown – black hair. My mother only uses a dark brown dye which is the same as her hair colour therefore I was a bit apprehensive if blackcurrant would even show up on my hair – but worth a shot for £6.79 and buy one get the other half price from Superdrug (second shade I got was darkest brown).


What the package included:

*1 tube of creme colourant.

*1 tube of developer creme

*1 precision tip applicator.

*1 bottle of shine enhancing conditioner with royal jelly.

*1 pair of gloves

*1 instruction leaflet

First of all I read the instructions and I did a patch test 48 hours before I dyed my hair, everything was fine no rashes therefore I went ahead with the process.


First I washed my hair then applied the dye all over. I then applied a shower cap on and instructions states to wait 20 minutes but I had waited 30 minutes before rinsing out (you should wait the given time however as I have very dark hair I wanted to wait longer). Rinsing this colour out was a nightmare I have washed my hair a few times now and my hair is still bleeding and still rubs off on my towel. It is a nightmare, I have not dyed my hair before but my mum stated this is more bleeding than what she experiences!


I was very disappointed with the outcome of this hair dye. My hair colour did not change, I was not expecting a dramatic change but thought there would be a tint of colour but my hair in general looks a bit darker. I think you can see a very slight red tint on my roots in certain lights – if that! However my grey strands did become red! The only plus points I can give is that this dye did cover my greys and that was the main purpose for me! It also left my hair incredibly soft due to the conditioner provided.

IMG_8493                          IMG_8492

Overall verdict

This dye is good with covering up greys, however the colour did not show up on my very dark brown hair. I have seen youtube videos of girls that have light-medium brown hair and the colour has worked on them. Seeming my hair is not damaged or dry I may use this dye again to cover my greys, but not blackcurrant but a colour same as my hair tone! I have only had this dye in my hair for a week therefore I can not comment about it lasting 28 washes yet but I will post an update.

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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