Sleek Face Form Contouring And Blush Palette Review + Swatches


Ever since Kim Kardasian has released her contouring routine everyone wants to try it. I mean why not? As it can transform someones entire look by just defining areas of your face! I have finally hit the contouring band wagon and wanted to try this out.

As I have never contoured before I wanted to start off at the beginners stage. I have heard using a powder form will be the easiest  to use. I have picked up the Sleek Face Form Contouring And Blush Palette in the shade Medium 374.



The packaging is very ‘sleek’, the kit is presented in a black sturdy elegant plastic packaging with the logo on top. The packaging is very light and contains 20g of product inside. When you open the kit everything is in place ( some kits that contains powders are just so messy and go everywhere). There is a lovely large mirror on one side of the lid, this is very handy if you are traveling.



This kit is available in four shades – Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. I have the shade medium, for reference I am have a light to medium brown skin tone (Mac NC 41). This shade works well for my skin tone!

Product and how to use


Within this kit 3 powders are included which are as follows:

1) Contour (left side)- A dark brown matt powder. This is very pigmented and should be used with a light hand. I use this with my Ecotools Tapered Brush and apply this to the hollows of my cheeks and around my hair line. I find the hallow of my cheeks by sucking in my mouth. Or aligning my brush from the top of my ear downwards. Please view photos below and yes I know I look funny and it looks like I am on the phone with a brush but believe me I am not that mental! (I think ha ha)


2) Highlighter (middle) – A creamy light golden shimmer powder. This is a beautiful subtle colour that gives a nice glow. I apply this on top of my cheek bones but I find it too shimmery to apply on the bridge of my nose. I prefer using a concealer in a lighter shade than my skin tone for this.

3) Bronzer (right side) – A lovely deep golden brown shimmer powder. This is very pigmented and one swipe is enough to see the bronzer. I apply this to the apple of my cheeks. In the fair and light face form kits it will contain a rose gold blush instead of a bronzer.

The magic with contouring is BLEND BLEND BLEND AND BLEND SOME MORE! You do not want to look like you have streaks of three different colours on your face.

The great thing is that all three powders are highly pigmented and are soo smooth in texture which makes this very easy to blend!


I had purchased this in store at Superdrug for £9.99. You can also purchase this for the same price online on Sleeks website, please click here.

Overall verdict


I would give this product 4 out of 5 stars. This because this contour kit has all the basic needs for a beginner, great quality and highly pigmented. However, I am still learning to contour, I have not been wowed by the results of this product yet. I can see the difference with my face becoming more defined on my cheek bones but I think I need some more practicing.

Has anyone else tried Sleeks Face Form kit?

Has anyone tried using liquids for contouring? – I would like to try this out next time.

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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31 thoughts on “Sleek Face Form Contouring And Blush Palette Review + Swatches

  1. Just got a Pupa pallete that’s somewhat similar. I’m still afraid to use it though :p however this post really gives me motivation. I saw on youtube someone using dark make-up stick for contouring and that looked quite good as well. Also for highlighting I heard lots about Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat which seems easy to use. Anyways thanks for this interesting post.

    • Yes give it a go. You have nothing to loose. It does need practising !! I have heard lots about the YSL touch éclat for highlighting. I also would love to check this out. Thank for your comment 🙂 x

  2. I have a pretty fair complexion and I love the sleek contour palette. I’ve never really gotten into liquid contouring, but I really would love to try it someday.
    This is a great post, I love your blog! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

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  4. I have been tossing up between the medium face form and the medium contour and highlight one. Would both medium colours suit nc 40? 🙂

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