Ecotools Tapered Blush Brush Review.  


I have always used a round fluffy brush to apply my blush, but wanted to try something new. Especially as I have been learning to contour and a round brush will not be good enough for this.

 I have picked up the Ecotools Tapered Blush Brush from Boots for £7.99 (a very decent price!)


Firstly, all ecotools are cruelty free and earth friendly. The brush hairs are made out of synthetic materials and the handle is made out of bamboo and recycled materials. Even the packaging is made out of recycled materials. It’s always nice to be earth friendly and it does look super cute!


This blush brush is tapered; the synthetic hairs are longer in the middle and shorter on the edges. The hairs on this brush are very dense and extremely soft and just the right fluffiness! This brush is very sturdy and I have washed this a few times now and no hairs have shed!


I really enjoy using this brush, due to the density of the bristles it picks up a lot of my blush/bronzer compared to my other round brushes. Therefore no product goes to waste. I particularly love this brush when contouring, it really does wonders when working with the hallow of my cheeks.


What brushes do you enjoy using when applying blush/bronzer or contouring?

Thank you for reading

 Bhavini xoxo

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