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I have been tagged in on the ‘This Or That Beauty Tag’ from the lovely Maybeebeauty. Her blog is amazing and I very much enjoy reading her posts, please do check her out on Thank you very much for tagging me in this game. I hope you all enjoy reading my This or That beauty choices: D

 Blush or Bronzer?

Mmmmm I like them both equally, however ATM I am reaching for my bronzer a lot more though!

 Lipgloss or Lipstick?

I am definitely a lipstick girl. I find them longer lasting, plus I hate that sticky feeling from a lip gloss! My Fav lippy atm is Soap and Glory Fabulipstick in the shade Pom Pom – perfect now as we are hitting Autumn. However on special occasions I  do also reach for a lip gloss, my fav is L’Oreal Glam Shine.


 Chapstick or Lip butter?

I actually use either, as I have extremely dry lips that I tend to use aquaphour or balms. So, if I had to choose one it will be a lip butter as that’s more nourishing out the two.

 Matt or sparkle eye shadow?

Sparkle/shimmer! As I mainly wear eye shadow on special occasions and night outs! It gives a nice glamour look to my night!


Pressed or loose shadows?

I much prefer a press powder, I feel they hold together much better and longer lasting!

 Gel, liquid, cream or pencil eye liner?

Gel! I am loving my Maybelline gel eye liner atm. It gives me a much more dramatic look compared to a pencil.


Foundation or concealer?

This has to be the easiest choice in this quiz… Foundation!! I can not live without my foundation. If the odd blemish needs concealing, I often just dab more foundation on those areas rather than reaching out for my concealer when in a rush.

Liquid or powder foundation?

I have never tried a powder foundation so my pick will have to be liquid as I can not compare the both. Any feedback with those who has used a powder foundation would be great.

Neutral or statement eye?

I usually go for a neutral eye look e.g., gold’s, creams and browns. I don’t think I can pull of anything else. My favourite neutral eye shadow palette is W7 In The Buff, please click here for my review.

photo 2 (2)

Waterproof or non waterproof mascara?

I am probably one of the very few who prefers non waterproof mascaras. My eyes do not get oily and I do not suffer from smudges. When I tried a waterproof mascara it made no difference to me apart from taking twice as long to remove!

Brushes, Sponges or fingers?

Brushes are my favourite, I tend to get better flawless results when using one. My fav brush right now is my Sigma F88 flat angled kabuki brush, please click here for my full review.


Powder, cream or liquid highlighters?

I enjoy using a powder highlighter as I find this quicker and easier to apply than the above. I have enjoyed using B. Glowing Shimmer Block  as a highlighter on my upper cheek area, please click for the full review here. I have also recently brought Sleek’s Face Form kit in the shade Medium and this comes with a beautiful highlighter that I enjoy using.



I have tagged the following people to continue this game; it is really fun and interesting to see what other bloggers write! Remember to let me know once you have completed this as it will be lovely to read what you’re This or That choices are! 😀

*How Artiski


                  *Taisie (especially as I have read in her latest post that she enjoys tags 🙂 )

*World Inspires You Create (Anastasiias)

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo


30 thoughts on “This Or That Beauty Tag

  1. Hi bhavi! Great review , i have recently got the maybelline gel eye liner and its great , i agree with you that the gels are a fav!😊😉

  2. Ah thank you for tagging me – I am quite excited to do this! As I was reading your responses I kept thinking of my own answers to the questions so expect a response within the next couple of days! x

    • Yes it is very similar and many bloggers claim it is a good dupe for naked 2 !! I think it’s a fantastic dupe for just a few quid in comparison !! Thank you for viewing my blog. X

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