Essence – All About Matt Foundation Review


Who ever thought my current favourite foundation would only cost me £3.50!! I love this Essence – All About Matt Foundation in the shade 30 Matt Sand. Even more surprisingly I had found this little beauty in Wilkinsons, please click here to purchase. I had no idea Wilko had started selling make up. FYI they also sell a wide range of synethic brushes for super cheap too, that will be next on my wish list!


What the packaging states:

*12 hours long lasting



*Oil Free

*Cover imperfections

*Flawless finish

*Dermatological tested.


It looks like nothing special, a very basic plastic tube! I have no issue with this, as I much prefer the foundation to be amazing (which this is!). I also, find it hygienic that it comes in squeezy tube with a nozzle at the end. You get the standard 30ml amount of foundation inside.


Shade Range.

The shade range for this product is poor, there are only three or four colours to choose out of. This will not be ideal for very pale or very dark skin tones. Luckily the darkest shade 30 Matt Sand has managed to work decent for me. Also I have a bit of my holiday tan still left so perhaps in another month this foundation should hopefully be a perfect match. For reference, I am shade MAC NC41 or Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Natural Tan (if you are these shades this essence shade should work for you). In the summer I fit L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N6 therefore this Essence foundation will probably be too light for the summer but for the rest of the year it should be fine.

I would say this is a neutral foundation, it appears slightly more pink when I first apply it but it does somehow blend and after a while it oxides and matches my skin tone perfectly.

L: Blended, R: Swatch

L: Blended, R: Swatch


This foundation gives a medium coverage finish that is oil free. It covers most light blemishes and marks. The texture is not too runny or too thick therefore It can be easily used with fingers or a brush, I personally use this with my Sigma F88 brush and it gives a flawless finish.

Because this foundation is so cheap I did not expect a lot from the formula and the claims of being matt, but this is one product that does not lie! It certainly does give me a matt finish. I wouldn’t say pure matt, but something in between semi- matt to matt but you can definitely make it pure matt with applying powder. I tend to prime, then apply the foundation and then apply a very little amount of powder only on the T-Zone (far much less compared to when wearing another foundation), sometimes I even skip the powder part as I do not really need it, but I tend to just apply a little if I will be wearing it for a long time.  I love how natural and flawless this foundation makes me look. I love the semi-matt look when the weather gets cooler so this is perfect for the autumn/winter months.


This foundation does last a long time – I have worn this for 10 hours and it stayed on fine, definitely lasts longer when primed and powdered on top. More importantly it stays true to its claims with staying matt!! I spent a long day shopping the other week and my little sister who does not know much about make up had even said your face is not shiny after shopping for once! ( ha ha cheeky little girl). Sometimes it is nice to hear a compliment from someone that does not know any thing about make up because then they will tell you the obvious truth without being bias!!

The only downfall I have for this foundation is that it contains no SPF, but on the other hand this shade will be too light for me to wear in the summer anyways. Even If I could wear this in the summer I probably would because of the price and how amazing this product is, I would be happy to apply SPF underneath this foundation.

Over Verdict: 4 ½ stars out of 5. It looses the extra ½ star for no SPF. Other from this I love this foundation and find my self reaching for it more than my other foundations. I also have not had any break outs so its no clogging pores claim is probably true!



Have you tried this foundation or any other products from Essence?

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 Thank you for reading

 Bhavi xoxo


7 thoughts on “Essence – All About Matt Foundation Review

  1. I really love Essence at the moment! I’m so glad you have posted this as I need some new foundation and was a bit worried about purchasing the essence one, but I’m definitely going to get some now 🙂 thank you xx

  2. Wow this looks great on you! I got an Essence lipstick in my Glossybox this month and for the price tag it is really good! At some point I’ll have to get to Wilkos to check out the range 🙂 x

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