Bourjous Color Boost Review


Hi all,

I have a little lipstick obsession ATM, perhaps because it is summer and I can experiment more with brighter colours!

Today, I will be reviewing the new Bourjous Paris Color Boost in the shade Sunrise Red.


This shade is a lovely summery colour, it is a very deep pink/red. I would say on me it looks much more closer to a red. Therefore any one who has not got the courage to wear a pure red lipstick this one would definitely be a great starting point.


What Bourjous claim’s:

*10 hour Comfort and hydration

*SPF 15

*Waterproof colour

*Glossy finish lipstick

I can agree that this lipstick has a lovely glossy finish and it does feel very comfortable on the lips. However I have noticed that the glossiness does tend to disappear after some time. The texture of this lip crayon it is very much like a balm therefore it is hydrating! I am not sure if my lips are hydrated for 10 hours because I have not worn this lipstick for that long.  As mentioned this can be compared to a lip balm but do not be fooled as this is very pigmented.


Overall this is a great lip crayon, I probably would not wear this on an daily basis  due to the fact on me it appears more red then pink, but will be great for night out with a statement lip colour!


Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo 


16 thoughts on “Bourjous Color Boost Review

    • If you go into a store and maybe swatch it and give it a try first? However, I think most people can pull this colour off in the summer !! I applied to coats of this colour hence why it looks intense , if u apply a thin light coat so it is more sheer and the build it up until you feel comfortable with the colour on you ?

  1. After seeing your comment in my blog I came over to check out your blog. I really like it! P’s. This is a stunning colour lipstick on you!!

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