Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner Review


I have never own or worn a lip liner before because I am way too lazy to be bothered to apply too many products on my lips up until now! Last weekend I had a wedding to attend to, where I had wanted to wear my Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in shade Mayfair Red Lady. Wearing a red lipstick alone is high maintenance and to top that off, my lipstick was way too moisturising that it was smudging and bleeding!! I knew lip liners are good with preventing bleeding, but again I really did not want to spend a lot on a red lip liner as red is a colour I barely wear! I then stumbled across, Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner, I had purchased this from Ebay for £4.59.


The packaging of this lip liner is amazing, the gold pen makes it seem high end and most importantly you do not need a sharpener! you just twist it and the product will come up or down. This is a brilliant idea as I find this much more convenient to use.


This lip liner, is invisible which means you don’t need to worry about finding a matching colour nor worrying about applying perfect application. You can apply it with a heavy hand even and no one will notice. If you notice the photo below the colour really is invisible (as you can not see where I had swatch it).


This Lip Liner, is very waxy and I guess this is what helps prevent bleeding. It does not smell of much. It is smooth, almost like a lip balm. I usually apply it on my lip line and then a light coat all over my lips too. I tend to feel a slight tingly feeling when I apply this, but after a minute this disappears. I absolutely love this product, my red lipstick did not bleed all day. However, my lipstick still faded after I had eaten, but it was better than without the lip liner. I tend to be grabbing this product everyday now, because it takes seconds to apply and glides on effortlessly. I highly recommend this product for every girl that wears lipstick or lip gloss as it will help prevent bleeding and fading!

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars! 

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo


20 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner Review

  1. Hi bhavini! Thanks for the great review as i wanted a lip liner and i have never heard of an invisible one so this can go with all my colours , i have been looking for one for a long times because i always have problems with my lip stick smudging!

  2. Hi bhavini! Thanks for the great review as i really need a lip liner because my lip stick always smudge and i have never heard of an invisible lip liner so it will be good for all my lip stick shades.

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