DIY: How to make your own Rakhi / friendship bracelets


Today is a special day for Hindus and Sikhs, this day is called Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means binding or bound. On this day, a sister would tie a special string or band that we call ‘rahki’ or ‘rakri’ on their brother’s/ cousin brother’s wrist. In return he will promise to look after her and give her money or gifts. I have been making my brothers rahki’s for many years with embroidery thread, but this year I wanted to do something different by adding a modern twist. I have decided to make a sliding knot bracelet. This can also be created as a friendship or fashion bracelet.

If you would like to make this bracelet / rakhi, please follow the below steps:

You will need:

  • 1.5mm leather cord in the colour of your preference – I brought mine from Ebay for £3.25 for a 5m role please click here to purchase (you could also use 1mm or 2mm width cord too)
  • 6x6mm Beads of your choice, I chose letter beads – I brought this from Ebay for £3.99 for 500 letters, please click here to purchase
  • Scissors

How to make your bracelet:


1) Cut about 35/40cm of the leather cord. (It does not need to be a precise measurement as these bracelets are adjustable!)


2) Tie a knot just over half way of the thread.


3) Add your beads of your choice in. I have got the word ‘BHAI’ the English translation for this means brother. Then tie another knot at the other end of the beads.


4) Double check if your beads are roughly in the middle of your cord.


5) Bring both sides of the cord around to make a circle shape. On one side of the cord (in the photo case the right side) make a small loop whilst holding the left side of the cord underneath.


6) with the right side of the cord, use the remaining end of the cord to wrap around the loop. Wrap this around twice.


7) Then you should have about 1cm of the cord left, you insert this into the loop. Pull the end of the cord with the opposite side of the cord. Do this gently and the cord should automatically start to tie a knot.


8) Repeat with the other side of the cord. You should now have two knots that can slide and adjust when you pull the strings. Do not tie the knots too tight or too loose.


9) Cut any extra cord bits off.


10) It is now ready to tie on yours or someone else’s wrist. 😀

Once you have got the hang of making these bracelets, they become very easy to make. Plus it is great that they are adjustable as it is a nightmare to make an exact size for all my brothers as they very from babies to adults. It is very easy and cheap to buy rakhi’s, but it is nice to put some thought into making your own. Get creative!! I hope they like my modern twist to a rakhi 🙂


Happy Raksha Bandhan to all those that are celebrating!!

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo  



11 thoughts on “DIY: How to make your own Rakhi / friendship bracelets

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    • Sincerely sorry for the late reply! I do not make these for a business use, however I am happy to make and sell them for you for next time, if you are interested please let me know and I will give you my email address for us to liaise further. 🙂 Thank you

    • Heya ! Unfortunately I do not make and sell these rakhi and unfortunately do not have the time to make some right now. However they are very very easy to make, have a go 😊 your brothers would love it.

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