L’Oreal Micellar Water Review


 As we all love applying and wearing our makeup, we also need to love to take our make up off to protect our skin from clogging (well at least try to!) . In fact, I love taking my make up off now due to L’Oreal’s new skin perfection micellar water!! This has turned into my HG make up remover!! .

My skin is extremely sensitive, I have eczema at certain places yet also have an oily t-zone therefore if you haven’t figured out already my skin is all over the place. This product is hypoallergenic, and does not contain alcohol nor perfume, therefore it does not irritate my skin at all, it literally feels like ‘water’!!


I simply pour out some of this product on to a cotton pad (be careful when you pour this out as a lot can come out at once). Then I gently wipe this around my face and all traces of my make up is off. I sometimes hold the cotton pad on some areas for a few seconds e.g. on lips and lashes. Results- It literally soothes my skin, face feels soft and no tightness or residue is left be hide. In regards to removing eye make up, yes it does work but not as well as my simple eye remover as this takes that little more time.

Now lets put this to the test:

I have swiped this lipstick on my arm twice.


I hold the cotton pad on my lipstick swatch for a few seconds and then gently wipe it.


As you can see my lipstick has vanished! 😀


 It removed my lipstick so effortlessly, no rubbing just a gentle swipe! great stuff eh!

I have purchased this product from Superdrug, at the moment it is on sale for £3.33

Overal Verdict: I highly recommend this micellar water, I would re purchase this product as it removes all my make up, does not irritate my skin, no harsh chemicals, makes my skin feel soft and squeeqy clean. For those who hate removing there make up or washing there face after a night out you could simply just use this micellar water while your in bed and head straight to sleep as it states no need to rinse!! Even though its still best to cleanse properly, but there are times when we all have a bit too many and cant make it to the bathroom 😛 !!

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo


12 thoughts on “L’Oreal Micellar Water Review

  1. I have this and I do like it, but don’t love it enough to just use this alone. I usually use it after using a cleansing wipe or after using a face wash, because it is great at getting all those last bits of makeup a wipe or wash just doesn’t get. I also love using this when I’m in a rush in the morning to clean and refresh my skin before putting on my makeup. Decent product for the cheap price! x

    • Yeap. Very decent product for it’s price. I agree if I have a lot of make up on I will use this after a cleanser. Otherwise I can get away with using this alone if I have a little make up on. Thank you for your comment and checking out my blog x

      • Yeah thats true. The only thing I feel it doesn’t remove very well is mascara, thats why I use another product before it. But my face always feels very refreshed and clean after using the L’Oreal cleanser.
        No problem! ❤ I enjoyed it! x

  2. I love this product! Of course, it’s not as good as the Bioderma one but it’s dang close and for that price it’s pretty amazing. Shame we don’t have the Garnier one where I live as I’ve heard good things about it as well and would like to try it out and compare them both.

      • Can’t wait to read your review on it!
        I’m sure I can but with all the shipping costs it’s gonna be waay too expensive. I guess I just gotta patiently wait until it’ll be available here 🙂

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