My recent Body Shop purchases

20140723-171642-62202854.jpg Hey All! I was out the other day and popped into The Body Shop, the smell of there products always lures me in! I had picked up two purchases. 1) Colour Crush Shine Lips in shade 13  2) Mango  Eau De Toliette perfume.


I was instantly was drawned to this lipstick as there was a sale going on marked down from £10 to £7, plus as i am a member they had an extra 20% off promotion, so equalled to round £5. Therefore i was tempted to just try one as it was half price for me! (I am a sucker for deals). I really like the packaging, it is cute, small and pretty.


I favoured this colour out of the bunch the most as it matched my nail polished! hehe! (shade 13). In the swatch it looked like a lovely dusky rose pink. However as you can see below on my lips, it looks more like a browny-pink.Therefore, a little disappointed as I wanted a rose pink!

Natural light

Natural light



As you can see, this lipstick does give that glossy shine, it is very sheen, almost like a lipstick balm which makes this product very moisturising. I do not feel like I am wearing a lipstick! However,  because of this, it is not very pigmented and the longevity of this product is very poor, it comes of instantly after a few sips of water! There are far more better lipstick crayons/balms/stains currently out there in the market. I far more enjoy using my Loreal Glam Shine Balm as this is more pigmented yet still very moisturising.

Overall Verdict:I am disappointed with the product and will not re-purchase. This product may be good for young girls trying out their first lipsticks.


Second product I purchased was The Body Shop Mango Eau De Toliette (perfume). I fell in love with this scent straight away. It scream out tropical! Therefore a very summery scent to have. It smells just like mango juice, it also states in the ingredient list it contains mango juice! The only downfall I have with this product is that the scent doesn’t last long, prehaps 2-3 hours. But again this only costs £8 so a bargain compared to other perfumes out there so I was not expecting it to last all day! I would just pop this perfume in my hand bag and give my self top-ups throughout the day. It is really cheap so I do not mind spraying it more times and re purchasing again.

Overall Verdict: If you love the smell of mangos then definitely purchase this little beauty!

Thank you for reading,

Bhavi xoxo


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