Budget Make Up Stand


Good evening guys. Just a quick review for you tonight. My make up stash is increasingly growing, making it very difficult for me to find any products! Even more so as I have one big make up bag where I dump everything. I was generally looking through amazon the other day and I saw a lovely acrylic make up stand. It has compartments for lipsticks, brushes, blushers, powders and for foundations. Perfect for my everyday make up. It displays nicely on my table and makes my life that little bit easier as I have no trouble finding my products now. I have managed to fit everything I need for my daily make up. It is perfect and would recommend this stand to anyone especially as it is only £6.99. I managed to get £5 off it as I had a amazon voucher 😁so for £1.99 I am very happy!! Please click here to purchase.



What do you use to keep your make up stash tidy?

Thank you for reading,

Bhavi xoxo


15 thoughts on “Budget Make Up Stand

    • I have a feeling this may be to small for me soon. I have a table where I do my make with a draw so I kinda just dump everything in there that I don’t use often for now lol! What are the mini drawers like?

  1. I like such acrylic stands but I don’t own any. I think I’m too lazy to order and wait for it as the cheapest I found on one chinese site. I use now glasses, cute metal boxes and small-small baskets.:))

    • Yeah I get where you are coming from took me years to purchase one my self. I think my make up collection will be expanding and will probably have to do the same as you and use glasses and nice little baskets. A nice cheap alternative 👍

      • And you can get them in stores. I so don’t like order from international sites.. I’m not patient at all 😀 I still can’t decide do I want to have more different products or less but more useful and better. On the one hand when I think about blog it would be interesting to use different make-up but on the other hand I like make-up but I don’t experiment in my everyday life with colors. Of course any time I can present to friend something I don’t use..hm. I want a lot of good make-up:D but not too much. I don’t want it to become bad after years:)

      • Yes I agree. Waiting for post can be annoying. Where do u live? I’m from the uk and found my stand for very cheap and free postage and it came to me in three days as it was a uk seller. If you live in the uk then I can recommend this one for you.

  2. They actually have some amazing ones like this in TK Maxx at the moment next to the bathroom department. I was so shocked to find them there and they are so cheap – they have all different kinds and sizes, they’re amazing. Great post x

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