B.Glowing Shimmer Block review


So the sun is back out in England. In the summer I much prefer the glowy dewy look. I was searching everywhere in The Body Shop, Boots and Superdrug for a budget blusher that had a nice gold shimmer to it. However most that did appear to have gold in them, when tested on my cheeks the gold shimmers were no longer visible. I just wanted a natural healthy glow to my cheeks. I then stumbled upon B. Glowing shimmer block in shade 161 Just Peachy and it gave me my healthy natural golden glow :D. I had purchased this for £7.99 from Superdrug. Click here to purchase.

20140713-135359-50039828.jpg       20140713-135401-50041334.jpg

The packaging is a dark grey plastic round small tub, with a clear plastic top with the logo. Very basic and straight to the point, nothing special about it. Especially as these days blushers tend to come with a brush and/or a mirror inside.

Each strip colour

Each strip colour

Brush swirled around all colours

Brush swirled around all colours

The colours are a mixture of peach, pink, coral and gold. This automatically makes me think of summer and is just a beautiful combination. You can either use each strip on its own or swirl your brush around and use all the colours, I prefer this!


As you can see in the photo, it gives this lovely glow, it is not overly pigmented but I prefer the more natural subtle look. If I do want a bit more colour I simply use this on top of another blush. Some may prefer using this as a highlighter. The gold shimmer/sheen is just the right amount too. The staying power is fairly good, lasts all day for me. However if I do end up touching my face a lot it does seem to fade off quickly.

The only negative point I have to raise is that the blush is very ‘powdery’, the powder is quite loose and because of this, even for a natural look I still need to apply it two or three times. However the end results are fab and worth that little extra application!

In case your wondering, in the photo i am wearing a lovely bronzey/peachy/golden shimmer type of lipstick, it matches very well with this blusher. It is Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade 650. I have done a review on this previously, please click here for more details.

overall verdict: I am loving this blush for the summer and highly recommend it to anyone.

Also at the moment, B is giving out free gifts when you spend over £5 of there products!! 😀 These are miniature sample versions. I was very excited to check these out, who can say no to free make up gifts?!


What is included in the gift box are:

B.Stunning vibrant Eye Shimmer – Copper

B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick – shade eton mess.

B.Radiant Rejuvenating Serum.

B. Active Day Cream SPF 15

B. Pure Micellar Water.


This will just be a quick review to high light what I liked and disliked.


I love love love this eye shadow! A lovely copper bronze colour, it is a cream eye shadow with a slight gold shimmer paired up with my new blusher and Rimmel lipstick in shade 650, it just gave a full glow look to my whole  face. It also looks very natural as you can see below.

Me wearing the eye shadow.

Me wearing the eye shadow.

I actually already have this lipstick colour and worn it plenty of times. It is a nice natural pink colour that will go with most fair to medium skin tones.


Something that is new to me is the Pure Micellar Water. I had googled this product and saw that Micellar waters are actually a big thing at the moment. It is supposed to remove make up effortlessly without harming your skin! I had tried this and the claims are true, my face did not react to the product nor did I feel any tightness, however there was a slight residue left on my face. I have heard the L’oreal Micellar water is even better as it does not leave any residue therefore that one will be on my bucket list!

I was not impressed by the active day cream it was not moisturising enough and I could not really tell if the radiant rejuvenating serum worked and it had irritated my skin a little.

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xox


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