DIY: Hair Salt Spray


Hey guys, hope ya all good 😀 Yes, its been a while. It has been a busy couple months with endless weddings and I have just come back from holiday! I visited Morocco and had a amazing time with the girls. Is it just me or does everyone love their hair when they go on a holiday? Well, I definitely loved my natural beach waves. I naturally have slightly wavy hair but it its more of a kinky frizzy wave only in certain areas. Not a great look! But somehow after I had been in the sea water my hair came out in lovely waves, I believe this is due to the sea salt! Therefore I created my own sea salt spray! It’s quick and easy and the results are amazing!

 Get all your equipment together. You will need:

photo 2 (4)

1 table spoon of Sea Salt
Half a table spoon of Conditioner
Few drops of Argan oil (alternatively coconut or almond oil)
Small jug
Glass of water
Spray bottle

 1)      Pour one glass of water into a jug and heat this in the microwave for about 20 seconds. This helps the sea salt dissolve better.

photo 4 (3)

2)      Put one tablespoon of sea salt into the jug and mix in until dissolved, heat for an extra 10 seconds if its taking too long to dissolve.

photo 5 (4)


3)      Put under a half of tablespoon of hair conditioner and a few drops of Argan oil and stir. You may notice not all the conditioner will dissolve and the oil floating on the top. This is fine!

photo 1 (3)    photo 2 (3)

4)      Mix everything together. Once the water has cooled down, pour this into a spray bottle and then it is ready to use 😀

photo 4 (1)

 I have very long hair and these measurements work fine for me, this is just a rough guide of what I use. If you have shorter/longer/thicker/thinner hair then me then your measurements may change slightly, it best to play around with the measurements until you find your perfect combination. TIP: you may also like to put a little gel in your mix. I did not want to do this as I much prefer the soft natural bouncy waves and too scared in case it makes certain parts to ‘crispy’.

 Spray evenly into damp or dry hair. Personally, after I have washed and towelled dried my hair I spray a bit into my hair, scrunch it with my hands and then leave it to air dry. Later once it is dry I spray some more on and scrunch again, few minutes later the magic kicks in and you see your hair has turned into waves. After this you can use mousse/gel to hold your beach waves into place! Alternatively, I also use this on dry hair and works well also.

 I love using this salt spray; it’s cheaper than buying a salt spray (which also contains more chemicals) and I usually have all these things laying around in my house anyway, so who can say no to something that’s free?! However, the only down fall is that you should not use salt spray regularly in your hair as salt can be very drying. This is way I have added conditioner and argan oil into the salt spray mix. I can probably get away using salt spray once a week. My hair is not very dry and I often leave in argan or coconut oil in my hair once a week for a few hours to replenish my hair. If you have very dry hair, salt spray is probably only good as a now and then regime. But make sure whether you have dry or great hair that you use a leave in conditioner or oil after using salt spray. Another down fall of salt spray is that it may not work on naturally super straight hair, but works well for people who hair naturally wavy or curly hair.

PS – I have purchased my argan oil from Morocco, however argan oil is available in most boots.

wavy 2

 If you do try this, let me know how this works for your hair.

Thanks for reading

Bhavi x o x


11 thoughts on “DIY: Hair Salt Spray

  1. Great tip! I recently started using a sea-salt water combination to dry out pesky spots over night and it has been working wonders. The greatness of nature sometimes just can’t be beaten 🙂

    • Thank you Hun. Yes indeed, it’s always great to be knowing you are using a natural product. Also knowing it’s far cheaper too!! Can’t go wrong 😁x

  2. Oooh I may have to try this! It looks good on you!
    Glad you’re up and blogging again after a brief hiatus. Looks like you had a great time in Morocco! Hope summer is treating you well 🙂 xx

  3. You have a very beautiful hair !
    I have very long hair too and I love to try new natural treatments, I will enjoy trying yours 🙂 thanks for sharing !

  4. I tried a similar recipe before but added gel and it didn’t give me the results I was after 😦 Will defo try out yours now, your hair looks amazing!x

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