L’Oreal Micellar Water Review


 As we all love applying and wearing our makeup, we also need to love to take our make up off to protect our skin from clogging (well at least try to!) . In fact, I love taking my make up off now due to L’Oreal’s new skin perfection micellar water!! This has turned into my HG make up remover!! .

My skin is extremely sensitive, I have eczema at certain places yet also have an oily t-zone therefore if you haven’t figured out already my skin is all over the place. This product is hypoallergenic, and does not contain alcohol nor perfume, therefore it does not irritate my skin at all, it literally feels like ‘water’!!


I simply pour out some of this product on to a cotton pad (be careful when you pour this out as a lot can come out at once). Then I gently wipe this around my face and all traces of my make up is off. I sometimes hold the cotton pad on some areas for a few seconds e.g. on lips and lashes. Results- It literally soothes my skin, face feels soft and no tightness or residue is left be hide. In regards to removing eye make up, yes it does work but not as well as my simple eye remover as this takes that little more time.

Now lets put this to the test:

I have swiped this lipstick on my arm twice.


I hold the cotton pad on my lipstick swatch for a few seconds and then gently wipe it.


As you can see my lipstick has vanished! 😀


 It removed my lipstick so effortlessly, no rubbing just a gentle swipe! great stuff eh!

I have purchased this product from Superdrug, at the moment it is on sale for £3.33

Overal Verdict: I highly recommend this micellar water, I would re purchase this product as it removes all my make up, does not irritate my skin, no harsh chemicals, makes my skin feel soft and squeeqy clean. For those who hate removing there make up or washing there face after a night out you could simply just use this micellar water while your in bed and head straight to sleep as it states no need to rinse!! Even though its still best to cleanse properly, but there are times when we all have a bit too many and cant make it to the bathroom 😛 !!

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My recent Body Shop purchases

20140723-171642-62202854.jpg Hey All! I was out the other day and popped into The Body Shop, the smell of there products always lures me in! I had picked up two purchases. 1) Colour Crush Shine Lips in shade 13  2) Mango  Eau De Toliette perfume.


I was instantly was drawned to this lipstick as there was a sale going on marked down from £10 to £7, plus as i am a member they had an extra 20% off promotion, so equalled to round £5. Therefore i was tempted to just try one as it was half price for me! (I am a sucker for deals). I really like the packaging, it is cute, small and pretty.


I favoured this colour out of the bunch the most as it matched my nail polished! hehe! (shade 13). In the swatch it looked like a lovely dusky rose pink. However as you can see below on my lips, it looks more like a browny-pink.Therefore, a little disappointed as I wanted a rose pink!

Natural light

Natural light



As you can see, this lipstick does give that glossy shine, it is very sheen, almost like a lipstick balm which makes this product very moisturising. I do not feel like I am wearing a lipstick! However,  because of this, it is not very pigmented and the longevity of this product is very poor, it comes of instantly after a few sips of water! There are far more better lipstick crayons/balms/stains currently out there in the market. I far more enjoy using my Loreal Glam Shine Balm as this is more pigmented yet still very moisturising.

Overall Verdict:I am disappointed with the product and will not re-purchase. This product may be good for young girls trying out their first lipsticks.


Second product I purchased was The Body Shop Mango Eau De Toliette (perfume). I fell in love with this scent straight away. It scream out tropical! Therefore a very summery scent to have. It smells just like mango juice, it also states in the ingredient list it contains mango juice! The only downfall I have with this product is that the scent doesn’t last long, prehaps 2-3 hours. But again this only costs £8 so a bargain compared to other perfumes out there so I was not expecting it to last all day! I would just pop this perfume in my hand bag and give my self top-ups throughout the day. It is really cheap so I do not mind spraying it more times and re purchasing again.

Overall Verdict: If you love the smell of mangos then definitely purchase this little beauty!

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L’oreal True Match Foundation Review



Hey everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying this BEAUTIFUL hot weather. As us ladies know, when it becomes hot, we get a tan which is great but we also encounter the dilemma of our foundation no longer matching our new tanned skin! This was myself a few weeks ago after coming back from Morocco I definitely needed a new foundation. I usually use Revlon Colour Stay in shade natural tan, but this looking slightly grey on my skin at the moment. I started my hunt with high end brands such as Mac, and Estee Lauder. I picked up studio fix fluid samples from Mac in shades NC40,41 and 42. Shades 40 and 42 looked way to orange on my skin, shade 41 was a good match, however I could not handle the paint smell and it gave me a headache. Next, Estee Lauder double wear, I have trailed and error 4 shades of this foundation yet they are either too dark, light or not the right undertones. Apart from the colour I absolutely love this foundation, the coverage and staying power is fantastic but unfortunately it’s a no no for a colour match.


After this I looked at high street brands, I noticed L’oreal True Match foundation has a huge variety of colours; 22 to be precise, these range from pale, tanned to dark shades. Surely I would find my colour match?! Guess what, I did!! :D. Purchased this from Superdrug for only £9.99.

Loreal claims

True Match super-blendable foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin. Now available in 22 skin-true shades across warm, neutral and cool, it matches more than any other.** 

Oil free and non-comedogenic. SPF 17.

97%* of UK skin tones matched. A foundation for the nation.”

 What it claims on the bottle:

  • Super blendable
  • Matches skin colour and texture
  • SPF 17
  • In 2 weeks skin will look healthier and more even due to the micro minerals in the product.

I think many people would find their colour match here as they split there foundations in regards to under tones,which are cool, neutral and warm. From light, medium to dark shades. Loreal has an online app where you can find your colour match. Please click here to view this.


I am shade N6 – Honey. Some people may claim I would be more of a warm undertone, but I find these appear too dark and orangey on my face. Maybe that’s why I haven’t found my perfect shade as most brands have either cool or warm shades. However L’oreal has a neutral shade with an equal balance of cool and warm shades in the formula. It matches perfectly for my tanned summer skin!

One pump of foundation

One pump of foundation


Foundation blended in

Foundation blended in

This foundation I would say is a medium coverage. It is a thin formula which makes it easy to buff and blend and feels very light on the skin. It is also super blendable and matches my skin magically. I apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush, It definitely gives of a natural look, yet covers up my blemishes. After primer and powder it finishes of as a semi-matt look, I much prefer this than complete matt as I love the glowing dewy look for summer. If you prefer an extra dewy look than skip the powder part. In regards of L’oreal stating it can improve your skin quality; well I did not notice any difference!


The longevity of this foundation is not the best after a few hours I do notice a little fading and the T-zone is a little shiny, nothing too bad. Funny enough I do not mind this for the summer as it gives of a dewier look. I have combination skin so this foundation is more manageable when it comes to longevity, however someone with really oily skin then this foundation may not work for you. For everyday wear this foundation works well, however if I was going for a night out/wedding/all day event I would much prefer my Revlon Colourstay Foundation. Please click here for this review.

20140717-162844-59324760.jpg     20140717-162845-59325171.jpg

I absolutely love the packaging for this, it is a great size for travelling and the pump makes it so much easier to use and is very hygienic.

Overal verdict:


  • Great if you are looking for colour to match your skin tone as there is a huge variety of shades.
  • SPF 17
  • Dewy summer look
  • Lightweight
  • Does not irritate my skin
  • Does not break me out
  • Blendable
  • Skin like foundation
  • Affordable
  • Hygienic pump bottle
  • Oil free and non comedogenic.


  • Longevity  – does not last all day
  • Would not suit very oily skins.
  • No signs of L’oreal claims of improving skin quality.

This is my go to foundation for the summer to match my skin tone. However in the winter I much prefer a more matt finish and will be returning to my Revlon Colourstay when my tan fades out. So far I have not found a foundation to beat my Revlon Colourstay. The closest I have found as mentioned above is Estee Lauder Double Wear. If anyone has similar skin colour to me or for reference wears Revlon colour stay in Natural Tan or Loreal True Match in N6 and has found a shade to match with Estee Lauder Double Wear then please let me know 😀

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Budget Make Up Stand


Good evening guys. Just a quick review for you tonight. My make up stash is increasingly growing, making it very difficult for me to find any products! Even more so as I have one big make up bag where I dump everything. I was generally looking through amazon the other day and I saw a lovely acrylic make up stand. It has compartments for lipsticks, brushes, blushers, powders and for foundations. Perfect for my everyday make up. It displays nicely on my table and makes my life that little bit easier as I have no trouble finding my products now. I have managed to fit everything I need for my daily make up. It is perfect and would recommend this stand to anyone especially as it is only £6.99. I managed to get £5 off it as I had a amazon voucher 😁so for £1.99 I am very happy!! Please click here to purchase.



What do you use to keep your make up stash tidy?

Thank you for reading,

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B.Glowing Shimmer Block review


So the sun is back out in England. In the summer I much prefer the glowy dewy look. I was searching everywhere in The Body Shop, Boots and Superdrug for a budget blusher that had a nice gold shimmer to it. However most that did appear to have gold in them, when tested on my cheeks the gold shimmers were no longer visible. I just wanted a natural healthy glow to my cheeks. I then stumbled upon B. Glowing shimmer block in shade 161 Just Peachy and it gave me my healthy natural golden glow :D. I had purchased this for £7.99 from Superdrug. Click here to purchase.

20140713-135359-50039828.jpg       20140713-135401-50041334.jpg

The packaging is a dark grey plastic round small tub, with a clear plastic top with the logo. Very basic and straight to the point, nothing special about it. Especially as these days blushers tend to come with a brush and/or a mirror inside.

Each strip colour

Each strip colour

Brush swirled around all colours

Brush swirled around all colours

The colours are a mixture of peach, pink, coral and gold. This automatically makes me think of summer and is just a beautiful combination. You can either use each strip on its own or swirl your brush around and use all the colours, I prefer this!


As you can see in the photo, it gives this lovely glow, it is not overly pigmented but I prefer the more natural subtle look. If I do want a bit more colour I simply use this on top of another blush. Some may prefer using this as a highlighter. The gold shimmer/sheen is just the right amount too. The staying power is fairly good, lasts all day for me. However if I do end up touching my face a lot it does seem to fade off quickly.

The only negative point I have to raise is that the blush is very ‘powdery’, the powder is quite loose and because of this, even for a natural look I still need to apply it two or three times. However the end results are fab and worth that little extra application!

In case your wondering, in the photo i am wearing a lovely bronzey/peachy/golden shimmer type of lipstick, it matches very well with this blusher. It is Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade 650. I have done a review on this previously, please click here for more details.

overall verdict: I am loving this blush for the summer and highly recommend it to anyone.

Also at the moment, B is giving out free gifts when you spend over £5 of there products!! 😀 These are miniature sample versions. I was very excited to check these out, who can say no to free make up gifts?!


What is included in the gift box are:

B.Stunning vibrant Eye Shimmer – Copper

B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick – shade eton mess.

B.Radiant Rejuvenating Serum.

B. Active Day Cream SPF 15

B. Pure Micellar Water.


This will just be a quick review to high light what I liked and disliked.


I love love love this eye shadow! A lovely copper bronze colour, it is a cream eye shadow with a slight gold shimmer paired up with my new blusher and Rimmel lipstick in shade 650, it just gave a full glow look to my whole  face. It also looks very natural as you can see below.

Me wearing the eye shadow.

Me wearing the eye shadow.

I actually already have this lipstick colour and worn it plenty of times. It is a nice natural pink colour that will go with most fair to medium skin tones.


Something that is new to me is the Pure Micellar Water. I had googled this product and saw that Micellar waters are actually a big thing at the moment. It is supposed to remove make up effortlessly without harming your skin! I had tried this and the claims are true, my face did not react to the product nor did I feel any tightness, however there was a slight residue left on my face. I have heard the L’oreal Micellar water is even better as it does not leave any residue therefore that one will be on my bucket list!

I was not impressed by the active day cream it was not moisturising enough and I could not really tell if the radiant rejuvenating serum worked and it had irritated my skin a little.

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DIY: Hair Salt Spray


Hey guys, hope ya all good 😀 Yes, its been a while. It has been a busy couple months with endless weddings and I have just come back from holiday! I visited Morocco and had a amazing time with the girls. Is it just me or does everyone love their hair when they go on a holiday? Well, I definitely loved my natural beach waves. I naturally have slightly wavy hair but it its more of a kinky frizzy wave only in certain areas. Not a great look! But somehow after I had been in the sea water my hair came out in lovely waves, I believe this is due to the sea salt! Therefore I created my own sea salt spray! It’s quick and easy and the results are amazing!

 Get all your equipment together. You will need:

photo 2 (4)

1 table spoon of Sea Salt
Half a table spoon of Conditioner
Few drops of Argan oil (alternatively coconut or almond oil)
Small jug
Glass of water
Spray bottle

 1)      Pour one glass of water into a jug and heat this in the microwave for about 20 seconds. This helps the sea salt dissolve better.

photo 4 (3)

2)      Put one tablespoon of sea salt into the jug and mix in until dissolved, heat for an extra 10 seconds if its taking too long to dissolve.

photo 5 (4)


3)      Put under a half of tablespoon of hair conditioner and a few drops of Argan oil and stir. You may notice not all the conditioner will dissolve and the oil floating on the top. This is fine!

photo 1 (3)    photo 2 (3)

4)      Mix everything together. Once the water has cooled down, pour this into a spray bottle and then it is ready to use 😀

photo 4 (1)

 I have very long hair and these measurements work fine for me, this is just a rough guide of what I use. If you have shorter/longer/thicker/thinner hair then me then your measurements may change slightly, it best to play around with the measurements until you find your perfect combination. TIP: you may also like to put a little gel in your mix. I did not want to do this as I much prefer the soft natural bouncy waves and too scared in case it makes certain parts to ‘crispy’.

 Spray evenly into damp or dry hair. Personally, after I have washed and towelled dried my hair I spray a bit into my hair, scrunch it with my hands and then leave it to air dry. Later once it is dry I spray some more on and scrunch again, few minutes later the magic kicks in and you see your hair has turned into waves. After this you can use mousse/gel to hold your beach waves into place! Alternatively, I also use this on dry hair and works well also.

 I love using this salt spray; it’s cheaper than buying a salt spray (which also contains more chemicals) and I usually have all these things laying around in my house anyway, so who can say no to something that’s free?! However, the only down fall is that you should not use salt spray regularly in your hair as salt can be very drying. This is way I have added conditioner and argan oil into the salt spray mix. I can probably get away using salt spray once a week. My hair is not very dry and I often leave in argan or coconut oil in my hair once a week for a few hours to replenish my hair. If you have very dry hair, salt spray is probably only good as a now and then regime. But make sure whether you have dry or great hair that you use a leave in conditioner or oil after using salt spray. Another down fall of salt spray is that it may not work on naturally super straight hair, but works well for people who hair naturally wavy or curly hair.

PS – I have purchased my argan oil from Morocco, however argan oil is available in most boots.

wavy 2

 If you do try this, let me know how this works for your hair.

Thanks for reading

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