W7 In The Buff – Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Palette.

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 W7 In The Buff – Natural Nudes eye shadow palette is my current favourite make up purchase. I barely ever apply shadow on, however I thought I should give them a try seeming I have lots of weddings to attend this year.

I am sure you have heard of the brand Naked, their eye shadows are amazing but I did not want to pay £35-40 for a palette. I had come across bloggers raving about W7 in the buff, critics have stated this to be very similar to Naked 2 but for a fraction of the price. Therefore I was very excited to try this; I had purchased my W7 in the buff from Ebay for £6.99.

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The colours in this palette are natural nudes – black, brown, bronze, gold and creams. These colours definitely warm up your face in a natural way. It is subtle yet effective enough depending in how you apply your eye shadow. I love how I can wear these eye shadows for a wedding and at the same wear it simply for work. In addition, it comes with a double sided eye shadow brush!

 photo 2 (2)

Please see below for a swatch test – I am pretty sure there is a colour there to suit every skin tone.

 photo 4 (2)

 My favourite colours are the golden shades such as Caramel and Dust. Please see below photo of me wearing these colours.

 photo 5 (3)

I have used Sand for the inner corners of my eyes. I then applied Caramel on the first half of my eye and then blended in Dust on the last half of my eye. Thereafter I applied Rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner on top, eye Rimmel exaggerate eye crayon on the bottom (crayon gives a more dramatic smoky look compared to liquid eyeliner on the bottom) and L’oreal Miss Manga mascara on both top and bottom eye lashes.