MUA £1 Lipstick Review

mua 15 (2)

 I have been wanting to write a review on MUA lipsticks for some while now as I think every female should own one. Make Up Academy also known as MUA had released £1 lipsticks… YES that’s right £1!! At this unbelievable price it is suited for all, even for those on a tight budget! Their varied range of colours also makes it perfect to find a shade to suit all, from bright to subtle colours to sheen to semi- matt based lipsticks etc. I had purchased mine from Superdrug, they are also available from the MUA website, please click here to purchase.

 mua 13

The four colours/shades I have purchased are as seen above. Shade 6, shade 7, shade 10 and shade 13. These are the colours that I enjoy wearing, however if they are not to your taste then there is a lot more other colours available. In fact 16 colours to choose from there range.

 mua 16

I love the packaging to these lipsticks as they are cute and pretty. The colour of the lipstick is shown on the top of the lid. This very lid is what makes this product stand out as it works as a lipstick/lip balm compote. You twist it open and you have your self some extra lipstick! This is great if u prefer to apply your lipstick with your finger or lip brush.

Shade 6

mua 3

Shade 6 is like a pinky/rosewood sheen colour, with a frosted touch to it. I usually dislike frosted lipstick but this one seems to suit me.

 Lip 3 - frost

Shade 7

mua 2

Shade 7 is one of my favourite wears for the summer. It is a lovely pinky coral with a hint of orange colour with a subtle sheen. It is a colour that would suit most skin tones and gives a very nice overall summer glow to your face.

 Lip 1

mua 10

Shade 10

mua 1

Shade 10 is a browny/ dark maroon sheen based lipstick. Out of the four this is my least favourite lipstick as I do not usually wear brown colour lipsticks a lot. However the great thing about £1 lipstick it allows u to afford a collection of colours you wouldn’t usually go for even if you wear it a few times!

lip 2

mua 17

Shade 13

mua 4

Shade 13 is a bold vibrant red colour with a semi-matt base. This is my new favourite colour to wear on a night out. I never use to wear bold bright colours but now I love this statement lipstick!!

Lip 4

mua 9

Some may question the wear of a cheap lipstick. But do not fear girls, just because the price is cheap it does not mean the lipstick is also. This lipstick lasts for hours. I have worn them all day with just having to touch up after I eat. They are easy to apply, buildable, fairly moisturising and not drying. Very reasonable! I will definitely be heading out to by some more colours!

Overall Verdict: I love this product! – 16 various colours, long wear, great packaging and great price!! 5 stars all round * * * * *

 Thanks for reading

 Bhavini x o x



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