Bourjois Blush Shade 72 Tomette & Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Shade 650 Review.


Who said the warm golden shades of make up is only for summer. I personally think they look great all year round and can suit many skin tones especially tanned skinned. I have always wanted a blusher/bronzer that can match well with a warm toned lipstick. I have picked up the Bourjois Paris Blush in shade 72 Tomette and Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in shade 650 – Saved By The Bell.


Bourjois Blush comes in a lovely cute round pot. Inside contains a mirror and a blusher brush, however I am not very keen on the brush and much prefer to use my own.


Tomette is a nice warm peachy brown colour with a subtle gold shimmer, the gold shimmer is less visible once applied to my cheeks. The colour is very rich and pigmented; I find it to be highly pigmented and over powering as I much prefer a subtle look with my make up. Therefore I only need to apply a small amount, if I accidentally put a touch more it looks like I have over done it, so you need to be quite light handed whilst applying this blusher. I love how this blusher  is a great alternative to a bronzer  as some may find bronzers to be too brown/dark in colour.

P1010851       P1010853

Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in shade 650 comes in a nice silver and purple packaging. It is a beautiful warm apricot browny-nude lipstick with a goldish sheen. A usually prefer matt based lipsticks however I really love the sheen in this as it gives a nice natural golden sheen.


This lipstick lasts a long time on my lips without drying, in a space of 10 hours i only had to re-touch once after lunch. It is a pretty moisturising lipstick and i can see it lasting a long way.


Without flash.


With Flash.

I believe both the blusher and lipstick make a great partnership as the combination of the warm peachy brown goldish colours works fantastically together. Giving an overall natural golden glow, which is perfect when applied lightly for a day look or for an evening look when applying more of the blush along with some bronze eye shadow.


Top: Rimmel 650 Lipstick
Bottom: Bourjois Blush 72

I love these products it fabulous way to look like you have just been on holiday with the golden tan look 😀 !

Picture0046Picture0059  Picture0060Picture0051

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  • Bourjois Paris Blush in shade 72 Tomette – Superdrug
  • Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in shade 650 – Saved By The Bell – Superdrug