Johnson’s Baby Top-To-Toe Wash Review – “The Multi Purpose Wash”.

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When we think of Johnson’s products we automatically think it’s for babies?! Yes, you’re right; mothers do use Johnson’s on their babies. However this gentle wash is great for the whole family from the young to teenagers to adults. I have been using Johnson’s baby top-to-toe wash for over a year now – I love it! It is a multi purpose wash!!

 It is a very gentle yet foamy formula which is great for sensitive skin, it also has the lovely traditional Johnson scent which I adore as it isn’t over powering. The ‘no more tears’ label means its gentle enough to use around your eyes without any burning sensations. The packaging has a pump which is easy and quick to use, however as it only comes in 500ml the weight can be a little strain when traveling.

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The multi purposes:

  •  Face Wash – This is my main purpose of this wash. I have trailed and error many washes prior to Johnsons. They were either to strong for my sensitive skin, caused more breakouts or too drying; all claiming they have secret formula’s to improve your skin! I became frustrated thinking that no wash suited my skin. I have acne prone skin as well as having eczema; my skin is a weird combination of oily to dry in various areas.  I then thought to try something with less harsh chemicals to prevent aggravating my troubled skin. This is when I stumbled across Johnson’s top to toe wash – If it is gentle enough for a baby’s skin surely it cant do any harm to mine?! My verdict was right and I am very happy using it as an everyday face wash. I usually use one or two pumps of this product and rub it gently on my face until it lathers, leaving it on my face for an extra 60 seconds to get a deep clean and then rinse of with warm water. My face feels refreshed and smooth and does not aggravate my sensitive skin.
  •  Make Up Cleanser – Top-To-Toe does a fantastic job with cleansing my make up brushes. It removes all traces of make up very easily. Leaving brushes soft and smelling nice.
  •  Shower Gel – This product can be used like any other shower gel, and is ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  •  Shampoo – As Top-To-Toe lathers up very well therefore it can easily be used as a shampoo, however it is probably is too mild for oily hair types but will do a decent job for normal hair types.

As you can see, Johnson’s Top-To-Toe Wash is a great multi purpose product. You can save time in the shower by using just one product to wash your hair, face and body (it’s literally a ‘top to toe’ wash 😛 ). Even though I mentioned above that it’s a heavy bottle for traveling this negative can become a positive as you may only need to pack just one bottle for the whole families needs. Also, you won’t believe how much money you will save with one bottle to serve several purposes for as cheap as £2.00!! 😀

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Asda – £2.00

Ocado – £2.67

Boots – £2.80

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