Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer


As the weather is really heating up this summer, it has left my skin to be more oily than usual. I have never used a primer before as I have not needed one; however having a shiny face is not very appealing! I have previously heard other bloggers praise about the ‘Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer’ and wanted to give this a go.

I was happy to had found out that smashbox is available from Boots. There were sooo many different types’ of smashbox primers to choose out of from depending on your skin type. However the sales assistant was very friendly and stated the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer was the most popular primer and should keep my oily skin at bay. This had cost me £25, please click here to purchase.


I like the packaging of this product as it is hygienic due to being a squeezy bottle and that the bottle is see through as this really helps to know how much product is remaining. The primer is oil free and contains vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea, having any sort of skin benefits added to a product is always a plus!


The primer is a clear coloured gel with not much sent at all. The texture of the primer is very silky and feels like velvet on my skin! It feels beautiful. Smashbox states that this primer can “increase the longevity of the foundation while reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores”. I can not comment on how well it works on fine lines as I do not have any. However this primer does make my foundation last longer and is a great canvas for my foundation as it gives it a more semi – matt application. Nevertheless this primer does not make my foundation last a huge amount more than without it and I also find my skin becomes oily again after a little while. To resolve this problem I usually add powder on top and this lasts much longer.

I would say this primer does a good job in controlling the shine and the longevity of my foundation, but not a great job and I am interested to see if there is better out there on the market. Due to these reasons I don’t think I would re- purchase this product again as it is expensive and I will probably invests in a high street primer next time.

Bhavini xox


Schwarzkopf got2b Volumizing Styling Powder Review.


I hate when my hair goes flat and lacks texture. I love big hair, but I barely have the time to sit there creating this. Plus blow drying my hair with a round brush is extremely difficult for me to do… well nicely anyways! I was on a big hunt to find something to give my hair a bit of ‘oomph’. I did not want to spend too much money, as I don’t believe any product can drastically change your hair or last 24 hours. I wanted something quick to apply to dry hair. I stumbled across the Schwarzkopf got2b Volumizing Styling Powder. I was very intrigued, as I had never heard of a powder that volumes your hair. I saw this on offer in Superdrug for £2.15 and for that price I had nothing to loose!


 What it claims on the bottle: “Break the rules for how you style with got2b POWDER’ful volumzing styling powder and take your volume to new heights! This revolutionary, weightless formula texturises each hair strand to create maximum volume at the roots – in an instant!” 


In my opinion, I must say a lot of what they claim is true! I usually shake a bit of this powder to the roots of my hair, and rub it in with my fingers (so that all the white powder is no longer visible). You instantly feel your hair is more textured, sometimes after this procedure I turn my head upside and give my hair a shake for even more added volume. It almost feels like I have back combed my hair without actually damaging my hair the way back combing does. I tried this before and hated it as it made my hair very knotted. So if you do back comb your hair a lot, this powder might be a great alternative for you.


The down fall for this product is that if you put too much powder on, it does feel a bit sticky, however the next morning the stickiness is all gone. Also, it does not last all day, but the bottle is very small that you can fit it in your bag and do touch ups through the day.

Please see the photos below of how effective this styling powder can be.


1) Hair is flat and greasy.


2) Sprinkled a little bit of the volumizing powder on my roots.


3) Sprinked a lot more volumizing powder on to roots and shake hair up side down.


As you can see the roots of my hair have increased and instantly created volume.

 For the price this product is a must have, as it will definitely add a bit of volume to your hair.

Bhavini xox