Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

You can apply foundation in so many ways, with your fingers, sponges, beauty blenders and brushes. Brushes are a common way to apply foundation, but there are soooo many to choose out from. I used to own just one foundation brush for about 7 years, which is the Clinique flat, tapered foundation brush. I am not the type to own a lot of make up tools, but as I had my Clinique brush for a very long time I wanted to purchase something new. I was in Boots where there was a 3 for 2 offer on all make up and tools, so I picked up the Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman without a thought seeming I had nothing to loose as this brush would be my ‘free’ item. The usual retail price for this brush at Boots is £11.99.

When I got home and tried this product I had no expectations, at first I wasn’t quite sure how to use the brush, but at the back of the packaging it states that there is an online tutorial on how to use the brush. Please click here to review. This was great help and after a couple of times practising, I had mastered it (Huuraaay 😀 !!).


This brush is great for liquid foundations and cream blushers. I tend to put my liquid foundation in the area needed and then stipple the foundation (stippling is a bit like patting quickly) and then I tend to buff it into my skin in circular motions. Samantha Chapman states on her website that “This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup”.  I can agree this brush does give a nice finish. I have previously used this brush in another review, where you can see photos of the finished look, please click here: Revlon Colourstay Foundation review.

P1010773         P1010775

The bristles feel soft on my skin; they are denser at the bottom and more spread out a little at the top which I like as it gives the brush flexibility and manoeuvre. I have had this brush for about 8 weeks now and I have only lost one of the bristles, which is pretty good.


I absolutely love the design of this brush, it has a lovely pink handle which states what type of brush it is on the packaging, and for those with lots of brushes this will make it easier to identify what brush is what. Samantha Chapman has three types of brushes and categorises them by colour, Orange – Flawless Base, Purple – Enhanced eyes and Pink – Perfect Finish. But the part that sets this brush aside from the others in the current market is that this brush has a ‘self-standing base’. It has a flat bottom handle which allows the brush to stand on a table. I love this! Especially compared to putting the brush into a make up bag which gets dirty easily therefore helps prevents the bristles from getting damaged.

I want to write a quick comparison with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and my Clinique flat tapered foundation brush. As I know a lot of people do own a tapered brush.

Clinique Flat Tapered Brush.

Clinique Flat Tapered Brush.

As you can see I have used this Clinique brush a lot! But it does a good job. The quality of this brush is brilliant and can not fault it, as I had used this brush everyday for many years and not even one bristle had fell out. The brushes are tapered with the middle bristles being the longest to the outer bristles; this is great for small area’s e.g. – corners of your eyes, nose, upper lip etc and this is something the Stippling brush does not have. However the stippling brush gives a much nicer flawless finish as the tapered brush can leave streaks. Nevertheless I sometimes use these brushes hand in hand with each other for 2 reasons. 1) Stippling brushes are not great on dry skin, as buffing aggravates and highlights dry flaky patches, so whenever I have dry patches I will prefer to use my tapered brush – but most of the time I will still use my Real Techniques brush but I just stipple gently instead. 2) As I mentioned above the tapered brush is great for small areas, so sometimes (when I can be bothered) after using my stippling brush on the larger areas I will then use my tapered brush for the smaller hard to reach area’s. Note: – the Stippling brush does reach the small areas; it’s just not as precise as the tapered brush. Another point is the Clinique tapered brush is nearly twice the price as the Real Technique Stippling brush, costing £22.50 from Clinique.

Lastly, how i clean my make up brushes:  I clean the Real Techniques stippling brush and the Clinique tapered brush in the same way. Every few days i rub anti- bacterial hand wash into the bristles and rinse with warm water, sometimes i soak it to give it a thorough clean. It’s quick and easy to do and by using anti- bacterial products it helps to kill any germs left on the brush. I find the Clinique brush easier to clean but the Real Technique’s brush is quicker to dry.

On a daily basis if I had to pick one brush to use, it will be the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, as it gives you a much better flawless finish when compared to the Clinique flat tapered brush. The next foundation brush I want to try is the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush as this seems to be the Real Techniques Stippling brush rivalry at the moment. Has any one tried the F80?

Bhavini xox


20 thoughts on “Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

  1. i own a couple of sigma brushes and somewhat i dont feel they are worth the hype! my E45, a taper blending eye brush sheds ALOT and its so scratchy for my eye area (fyi my eye area is quite sensitive).. i also have the F60 which i dont think its that great either… gonna try out the Real Technique brushes!!

    • Oh no really, they have such great reviews though, but i think its just the F80 that is the most talked about. But yes, real techniques is cheaper and therefore worth a shot! My mum brought the Real Techniques core collection kit and i found the eye brush to be quite decent, however the foundation brush in it was horrible though. The best brush in the core collection is the buffing brush, it is is lovely, the buffing brush has also been hyped about and people enjoy using it for foundations and powder – very soft bristles.

      I am happy with the Stippling brush, let me know how you find it 🙂 x

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  3. Love the Chapmans, love the collection and I’m one of their ‘happy clients’ too. I miss this brush in my collection, but I couldn’t duplicate my actual stippling brush, perhaps as it starts aging…thanks for the useful and detailed review!

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  5. After a long wait I received my new credit card today, which means I will be ordering new brushes online very soon… I think it feels so much better than a sponge and I would still prefer it to the hyped Beauty Blender. I just need to decide between real techniques and sigma since I won’t be able to afford both at once…. So this is helping a lot, thanks! Great, really detailed critique.

  6. I was literally been looking at real technique brushes the other day! Your review just made me feel so much better because I can get it know knowing it will be a brush worth paying £11.99 for!!!
    Great blog!

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