Hair Oils


Every one wants lovely lush healthy shiny hair. A growing product on the current market that claims to achieve this are hair oils, natural oils that provide nutrients. There are tons of oils to choose from. Argon oil seems to be the biggest craze used by many celebrities, however Argon oil is incredibly expensive and there are way too many imitates that do not contain much of the pure source. For this reason I have not yet purchased Argon oil. However over the years I have been using more affordable oils some passed on from my grand mother. Many people complement on the length of my hair and how I keep it healthy, I think a lot of it is due to using hair oils.  Today, I will be discussing which oils I use and how to apply them.

Extra Virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil is very thick in texture and this makes it rich enough to nourish and condition your hair, it is also great with replenishing hair shaft. Extra virgin olive oil also helps to condition your scalp and help prevent scalp problems such as dandruff and dry skin as it contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin A. Therefore this oil helps to make your scalp feeling soft and your hair de-frizzed.

Castor oil


Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of a caster been plant. It is extremely thick and sticky in texture even more so than extra virgin olive oil. It is very pale in colour and almost has no scent or taste. Castor oil is excellent for hair growth and people with thinning hair issues tend to use this. The main ingredient found in castor oil is Ricinoleic acid; this is what gets rid of bacterial infections that can cause hair loss. It is also said that castor oil and can prevent the early signs of greying, if you was too use this oil regularly the strands of your hair will become darker. I don’t know how much truth there is to this claim but my grandmother has been using this oil for years and I can see the results as she still has long hair and has very little grey! It is also great for creating nourished and healthy hair.

Sweet Almond Oil.


Sweet almond oil is thinner in texture compared to the other oils I have mentioned in this blog. It is a pale yellow colour and is extracted from almond kernels. However, it has high levels of Vitamin E and D  and it also contains calcium and magnesium. It leaves your hair shiny and soft.

How to use these oils.

  • 2 teaspoons of Castor oil.
  • 1 teaspoon of Virgin olive oil.
  • 1 teaspoon Sweet almond oil.
  • Mix all in a heat proof bowl and then place in the microwave for about 20 seconds. (DO NOT BOIL – it needs to be warm which allows all the nutrients to be released into your hair).
  • Massage into scalp for a few minutes as this helps to penetrate your hair cuticles and this increases hair growth.
  • Then use the rest of the oil all over your hair down to the ends.
  • Leave on your hair for a minimum of 4 hours, I usually try to leave it on for 6 hours (longer the better) and then wash off with shampoo and conditioner.

I usually apply this hair regime once a week. I have noticed a difference in my hair growth as I had cut my hair a few months ago and there is significant difference! As well as growth, my hair is softer, shiner and healthier. Regards to hair loss I have only notice a slight difference but hopefully within time this will also be a bigger difference.

Coconut oil


I absolutely love Coconut oil. I have been using this oil for years and it has been passed down from my great grandmother.  Coconut oil is derived from coconuts, the colour is white and the texture is like a very thick paste. Please do not purchase if it looks like typical runny oil as that is likely to be un-natural. Because it comes in a thick paste form this is why I use this oil alone and do not mix it with nothing else. I usually just put the whole bottle in the microwave for a few seconds where the thick coconut paste will melt down to an oil form, pour into my palms and rub into my scalp and hair. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a fatty acid that protects and prevents hair breakage, creating less split ends. I have definitely notice this, as after all the heat and chemicals I use in my hair I am very surprise I have barely any split ends. Coconut oil is a good all rounder as it nourishes and penetrates the scalp increasing hair growth, prevents scalp issues such as dandruff and lice, prevents split ends and creates  shiny, glossy, healthy hair.

I am very happy with the regime I use for my hair; they are very cheap and very accessible. Most the oils I have mentioned you can find in most standard supermarkets. I purchased the Extra Virgin Olive oil in Tesco and the Coconut oil is found in the Asian /continental isle in Tesco. Almond oil and Caster oil I purchased from an Asian supermarket. These oils cost around £2 each! Yes, bargain 😀  ! This combination of hair oils have worked for me, if you are looking for hair growth, dandruff free and shiny healthy hair then I would recommend you trying these out as there is no harm trying cheap natural products. Just make sure you do purchase natural sources and be careful if you have any nut allergies.

Just for some evidence of using the hair oils regularly, you can see in the picture below my hair had grew pretty long!


Bhavini xox


Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser.


As soon as I saw the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser on the television advert, I just had to try it! The very next day I went down to my local Superdrug and purchased it, and great news it’s a 1/3 off, currently pricing at £2.36 for 250ml and £3.39 for 400ml. I brought the moisturiser for Dry skin in 400ml; there is also one for normal skin. Please click here to purchase.

The smell of this product is lovely – your typical Nivea smell and it contains almond oil which is a plus point for me! Let me begin with how to use this moisturiser, you are supposed to use this in the shower after you have used soap/shower gel, once you have rinsed this off you apply the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. The cream texture is a little thick; however the cream glides on my body smoothly and absorbs the cream very well. My skin is left soft… great ey? …. Well not great for long…. After a couple of hours my skin started to feel a little dry, still soft in some areas but felt slightly dry in some patches. The next day I tried using more of the product and this had done a better job, not great but decent. Therefore I think I will prefer using normal body cream after a shower, nevertheless this is great for the odd days when I am in a rush.


I was very excited to try this product, thinking I no longer need to moisturise after a shower! However my hopes had let me down. I think I would only consider purchasing again if it was on offer as it is good for lazy days. If you want to give this product a try, I would recommend getting the one for dry skin types, because even if you do not have dry skin, the cream is not very rich and would be suited for normal skin types too. I would NOT recommend this product for someone with severe dry skin/ eczema as this will probably not give you any sort of moisture.

Has anyone else felt a little let down with this product?

Bhavini xox

Want Longer Stronger Nails ?


Want longer nails, with more strength and less breakage?  – I have been getting these results from Sally Hansen’s maximum strength nail polish. It states on the packaging:

How it works: Cellulose fiber formula forms a micro-besh barrier that supports and protects nails, making them stronger and more resistant to damage.

The results: stronger nails in just 1 week.

To use: Apply 1 coat to bare nails every other day or use under nail colour.


I had forgotten to apply the nail polish every other day, I have just been using it twice a week for 2 weeks now, and I have noticed a difference:

  •  My nails are harder and feel stronger
  • My nails chip a lot less than usual.
  • My nails have grown quicker.

Right, I just want to state that this is not a miracle worker, it does not make your nails grow a lot over night, I don’t think any product out there does! But I recon because this nail polish prevents breakage it allows your nails to grow quicker than without the nail polish. It has worked very well for me, I have done a lot of washing up and cleaning this week and only one nail had chipped a little, I quickly nail filed the breakage and applied another coat of Maximum Strength polish on that nail, now that nail has grown back to normal after a week. Usually if my nail had chipped it would have ended up chipping more and looking very silly that I would of had to cut the nail very short.

One layer of Sally Hansen Maximum Strength polish on my nails.

One layer of Sally Hansen Maximum Strength polish on my nails.

The colour of the nail polish looks whitesh- pink from the packaging, however once a thin layer is applied on to the nails it appears more transparent. This maximum strength nail polish also does a brilliant job as a base coat, it makes a very smooth base when applying a nail colour on top. I have also noticed it makes my nail polish last slightly longer. Below i have used one of my favourite nail polish colours (Barry M – Nail Paint in shade 161 Vivid Purple) on top of Sally Hansen’s Maximum nail polish.



Thanks for reading! 🙂

Bhavini xox

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

You can apply foundation in so many ways, with your fingers, sponges, beauty blenders and brushes. Brushes are a common way to apply foundation, but there are soooo many to choose out from. I used to own just one foundation brush for about 7 years, which is the Clinique flat, tapered foundation brush. I am not the type to own a lot of make up tools, but as I had my Clinique brush for a very long time I wanted to purchase something new. I was in Boots where there was a 3 for 2 offer on all make up and tools, so I picked up the Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman without a thought seeming I had nothing to loose as this brush would be my ‘free’ item. The usual retail price for this brush at Boots is £11.99.

When I got home and tried this product I had no expectations, at first I wasn’t quite sure how to use the brush, but at the back of the packaging it states that there is an online tutorial on how to use the brush. Please click here to review. This was great help and after a couple of times practising, I had mastered it (Huuraaay 😀 !!).


This brush is great for liquid foundations and cream blushers. I tend to put my liquid foundation in the area needed and then stipple the foundation (stippling is a bit like patting quickly) and then I tend to buff it into my skin in circular motions. Samantha Chapman states on her website that “This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup”.  I can agree this brush does give a nice finish. I have previously used this brush in another review, where you can see photos of the finished look, please click here: Revlon Colourstay Foundation review.

P1010773         P1010775

The bristles feel soft on my skin; they are denser at the bottom and more spread out a little at the top which I like as it gives the brush flexibility and manoeuvre. I have had this brush for about 8 weeks now and I have only lost one of the bristles, which is pretty good.


I absolutely love the design of this brush, it has a lovely pink handle which states what type of brush it is on the packaging, and for those with lots of brushes this will make it easier to identify what brush is what. Samantha Chapman has three types of brushes and categorises them by colour, Orange – Flawless Base, Purple – Enhanced eyes and Pink – Perfect Finish. But the part that sets this brush aside from the others in the current market is that this brush has a ‘self-standing base’. It has a flat bottom handle which allows the brush to stand on a table. I love this! Especially compared to putting the brush into a make up bag which gets dirty easily therefore helps prevents the bristles from getting damaged.

I want to write a quick comparison with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and my Clinique flat tapered foundation brush. As I know a lot of people do own a tapered brush.

Clinique Flat Tapered Brush.

Clinique Flat Tapered Brush.

As you can see I have used this Clinique brush a lot! But it does a good job. The quality of this brush is brilliant and can not fault it, as I had used this brush everyday for many years and not even one bristle had fell out. The brushes are tapered with the middle bristles being the longest to the outer bristles; this is great for small area’s e.g. – corners of your eyes, nose, upper lip etc and this is something the Stippling brush does not have. However the stippling brush gives a much nicer flawless finish as the tapered brush can leave streaks. Nevertheless I sometimes use these brushes hand in hand with each other for 2 reasons. 1) Stippling brushes are not great on dry skin, as buffing aggravates and highlights dry flaky patches, so whenever I have dry patches I will prefer to use my tapered brush – but most of the time I will still use my Real Techniques brush but I just stipple gently instead. 2) As I mentioned above the tapered brush is great for small areas, so sometimes (when I can be bothered) after using my stippling brush on the larger areas I will then use my tapered brush for the smaller hard to reach area’s. Note: – the Stippling brush does reach the small areas; it’s just not as precise as the tapered brush. Another point is the Clinique tapered brush is nearly twice the price as the Real Technique Stippling brush, costing £22.50 from Clinique.

Lastly, how i clean my make up brushes:  I clean the Real Techniques stippling brush and the Clinique tapered brush in the same way. Every few days i rub anti- bacterial hand wash into the bristles and rinse with warm water, sometimes i soak it to give it a thorough clean. It’s quick and easy to do and by using anti- bacterial products it helps to kill any germs left on the brush. I find the Clinique brush easier to clean but the Real Technique’s brush is quicker to dry.

On a daily basis if I had to pick one brush to use, it will be the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, as it gives you a much better flawless finish when compared to the Clinique flat tapered brush. The next foundation brush I want to try is the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush as this seems to be the Real Techniques Stippling brush rivalry at the moment. Has any one tried the F80?

Bhavini xox