Tweezerman ILash Comb


I love applying mascara, especially on night outs as it really helps in emphasising your lashes. I do have a decent amount of naturally black lashes already; however sometimes layering more than one coat of mascara can make my lashes look clumpy and less natural. I really wanted to try an eyelash comb out and heard lots of good reviews about the Tweezerman ILash Comb and wanted to give it a try as I have never used an eyelash comb before. I purchased this from Debenhams for £8.50 + free delivery, please click here. When it arrived I was surprised of how small this comb was, roughly the size of my index finger! This is because the comb folds away which makes it very handy for storage and is very sanitary.

Folding Comb.

Folding Comb.

Tweezerman ILash Comb when closed.

Tweezerman ILash Comb when closed.

As you can probably see in the pictures the traces of black mascara are stuck in the comb, this is what I dislike about this product. It is incredibly difficult to clean the comb fully, most of the mascara does comes of with normal eye make up remover but there is always stubborn little bits that I find hard to remove and quite frankly I tend to give up after a while. I love the colour of the gold comb teeth but I do not like the clear colour of the plastic part, as it is see through you are able to see the bits of mascara that can’t be removed and when I put it in my make up case it gets dirty easily. I have seen this eyelash comb in black with gold comb teeth, which I find a lot more appealing but unfortunately I could not find any where in the UK that had that version.

Nevertheless, the product itself is great; it de-clumps my mascara and fans out my lashes. I would recommend first using an eyelash curler, and then apply one coat of mascara and while the mascara is WET use the eyelash comb, if you use the comb when the mascara is dry it will not work. After this, you place the comb to as near to your eye lid as possible and gently swipe the comb to the ends of your lashes. If you want a more dramatic look to your eyelash’s repeat this procedure again, I tend to do this procedure twice as I feel more than this looks too much, but perhaps on a night out I may try it three times with black eyeliner on top and bottom.


Lashes after using ILash Comb.


As you can see my lashes look long and full yet not clumpy. I like how it looks natural. It does take a few attempts to get the hang of using the comb and does take an extra 5 mins of your time, so it’s not something I will use everyday but when I have the time I will use this comb as I am happy with the end results. In addition, the comb teeth are very sharp, please be careful while using them and do not attempt using this without a mirror as you will more than likely poke your self. I also, only use the comb on the top lashes as I feel the bottom lashes are too small to use with the comb.

Side view of lashes.

Side view of lashes.

Finished look with lashes.

Finished look with lashes.

 Eye make up used in photos:

  • Tweezerman ILash Comb.
  • L’oreal Volume Million Lashes in extra black.
  •  Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer pencil in colour 261 Noir.

Overall, I would give this comb 4 out of 5 Stars due to the clear packaging that can get dirty easily and it is a little time consuming to apply. It is not an everyday tool I would use but when it is used correctly it achieves lovely fanned out lashes and makes a difference to when I do use this comb with mascara compared to mascara on its own and for that reason I would recommend this Tweezerman ILash comb.


Revlon Colourstay Foundation

Hey everyone!

We all know that there are hundreds of foundations to pick from, from your high end to high street brands, with vast variation of the type of foundations whether it is liquid, mousse, cream or powder.

Today I would like to share my thoughts on the Revlon Colourstay Foundation for combination/oily skin types in shade Natural Tan. This foundation has been on the market for years but it is still one of my favourite foundations, I have been using it for about 2 years now, I have sampled quite a few others but always seem to go back to Revlon Colourstay.


What it states on the bottle:

  • Wears for up to 24 hours.
  • Flawless look.
  • Light weight feel.
  • SPF 6.


There are two types of formula’s that they provide which are either for oily/combination skin or for normal/dry skin. I have purchased the formula to suit combination/oily skin types however my skin is now more on the dry side but still works perfectly fine. I would say this foundation is medium to full coverage depending on how many layers you do. The liquid formula is quite thick and can dry up pretty quickly, therefore when applying this foundation I would do a small section at a time, however, despite it being quite thick in consistency it blends very well to my skin. I tend to use my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply this foundation, the finishing effects are flawless. When I tried using my fingers I found that it did not spread and blend evenly on my skin this is probably due to the foundation being thick in consistency and this is why I would recommend using a good foundation brush. The added bonus to this foundation is that it contains SPF 6, but I find this is a low SPF amount compared to many other foundations in the current market, therefore people using this foundation in higher climates will definitely need to use sun screen protection underneath, luckily this has not been a huge issue for me as I live in England so half the year it is raining anyways!



I do not use any sort of primer, serum or powder when using this foundation, as I don’t think I really need it, therefore considering I don’t use anything else underneath or on top, this foundation for me last about 8 hours before I see a bit of fading and about a good 12 hours when the fading is more noticeable, with a touch up it would last a lot longer and bare in mind if you was to wear a primer and powder it will probably live up to its statement and last up to 24hours.  In regards to covering blemishes and spots, I would say it does a good job. I usually just apply one layer all over my face and then on the troubled areas I would go over them again with a second layer. I am very pleased with how the foundation feels light on the skin yet has a good coverage and does not look ”cakey” or ”fake”. May I also add that it has not given me any additional break outs or irritated any of my acne or my sensitive skin.

Sample Natural Tan colour.

Sample of the colour Natural Tan.

Foundation after blended into my skin.

Foundation after blended into my skin.


There is a good variety of shades to pick from, and unlike a lot of other foundations, Colourstay has darker shades available. I purchased shade 330 Natural Tan; I would say it is neutral with yellow undertones. It’s pretty much a close to perfect colour match for me, however in the summer after a tan it can appear slightly light for my skin. If comparing this colour to Mac foundations I am a NC40. I love the fact that it does not oxidise and remains the same colour throughout the day.


I think the packaging of this foundation is its major down fall, its a glass pouring type bottle, due to no pump or squeeze nozzle you can easily waste product by pouring too much out especially when its nearly running out and you have to really turn the bottle up side down – e.g. – a bit like pouring the last bits of ketchup from the bottle. Also, the foundation gets stuck in the lid which is not very sanitary; I have tried buying separate pump lids to fit on top but could not find one that fits well. There is about 30ml of foundation liquid inside which is about the average standard amount with most foundations. I personally like this size as it’s easy to travel with and easy to store away in a make up bag.


Pouring bottle.

Price / Where To Purchase.

This foundation is superb value for its money especially comparing it to its high end competitors, I paid £12.50 for it at Boots and I usually buy it when there are promotional offers, e.g. – buy one get another Revlon product half price. In the UK, you can also purchase this foundation in Superdrug, eBay, Amazon and most chemists.

Photo - me wearing the foundation

Photo – me wearing the foundation

Overall Verdict.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation is my Holy Grail foundation; I am very pleased with it and so far my favourite foundation. It is light and easy to apply with covering most blemishes giving you a lovely flawless look in minutes with a very affordable price tag. I would definitely recommend any one that is considering this foundation to try this! I have recommended it already to lots of my friends and family and they are very happy with the results. If you do purchase it, feel free to message me and let me know how you find it  🙂

Thank you for reading,

xx Bhavi xx