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The Blessed Seed – Rhassoul Clay & Black Seed Oil Face Mask

We all like a little pamper session now and then. I have not applied a face mask in a very long time – and was most definitely overdue a skin boost.

It is now summer here in London and my skin is feeling a little dehydrated and dull from being in the sun a little too much recently.  The Blessed Seed were kindly to gift me their “Rhassoul Clay & Black Seed Oil Face Mask” which I was very excited to try as I love using their black seed oil, if you have not read the amazing healthcare benefits this brings please have a read on my Black Seed Oil Review.


I prefer using natural ingredients on my face and this face mask does not fail to deliver, with a blend of Black seed oil, Rhassoul, Bentonite, and Kaolin clays. The combination of these ingredients will help hydrate and make your skin feel soft. This clay contains minerals such as Rhassoul silica, magnesium, and potassium that absorbs its surface.

  • All natural ingredients used
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Free from synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, and SLS
  • Not tested on Animals. Vegan
  • Free from artificial fragrances
  • Suitable for all skin types – including sensitives skin.

Aqua (deionized) Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin clay, * Olea Europaea (Olive) fruit oil, * Nigella Sativa (black cumin seed) oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Coco-Glucoside, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Vegetable Glycerine, Benzyl Alcohol, Cocos nucifera (fractionated coconut oil), Dissolvine Tocopherol (Vitamine E).
*Organic Oils

I was really impressed that after aqua the main top ingredients are all natural including Black seed oil, Rhassoul, Bentonite, and Kaolin clays.



The blessed seed advises doing a patch test first. I tend to do this with any new product I try. The packaging states to cleanse the skin and apply an even layer of the face mask, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 10-15 minutes, allowing the minerals to absorb into the skin. Rinse off using either a damp, soft cloth or muslin.

My experience and results

As soon as I opened the jar it smelt like being in a spa, you can smell hints of black seed oil and clays. It reminded me of a spa treatment I had in morocco. Please note the fragrance in this mask are natural and not perfumed scents. Applying this face mask was easy, I did exactly what the blessed seed directions stated as per above. Once rinsed off my skin did not feel tight, once fully dried my face cream glided on smoothly and my face had never felt so soft before!! My face looked fresher and had a little more glow to it. I have very sensitive skin and experienced no tingly sensations! It was a quick and easy no fuss face mask – I would definitely re-purchase!

Please see below of a hilarious photo of me after applying the face mask!!


Where to Purchase

You can purchase this fantastic face mask from The Blessed Seed for £17.99

Disclaimer – Affiliate marketing links with The Blessed Seed however the content is my honest review.

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Ungex Skin Demodox Treatment

You may have not heard of Demodex before – but it is more common than you think!

What is Demodex?

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites that live under hair follicles in oil glands. They are linked to many skin disorders such as acne, eczema and scalp issues.

Ungex have created products that consists of an innovative technology blend with natural oils to eliminate demodex skin mites such as Demodex Brevis and Demodex Folliculorum.

If untreated for a long time, you may experience many skin irritations. You may have had a skin disorder for a long time where no other products have helped and not realised you have Demodex.

You may gather one or more of these symptoms:

  • Increased roughness in skin
  • Itchy or scaly skin
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Redness
  • Eczema / Rosacea
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Hair loss
  • Eye irritation/ Loss of eyelashes

To help with the symptoms of Demodox you may try one of Ungex best sellers – Skin Demodox Treatment (SDT)

Their product statement:

“The Demodex-mitigating properties of ‘Ungex Skin Demodex Treatment’ can help destroy mite populations and prevent re-population. The versatile treatment is suitable for acne, rosacea, blepharitis and itching from Demodex mites. It soothes redness, improves skin texture and rejuvenates your skin.”

The great thing about Skin Demodox Treatment is that it is even suitable for sensitive skin types and does not contain “nasties”:

✔️ Natural and Herbal Based Ingredients
✔️ Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Free
✔️ Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free
✔️ Paraben Free
✔️ Silicone Free
✔️ Gluten Free
✔️ Cruelty Free

The benefits you can achieve from this treatment are:

️ A suitable treatment for scalp, face and body
️ Formulated for sensitive skin and delicate body parts
️ Encourages better skin quality and health with prolonged use
️ Can be used for symptomatic, high-density Demodex conditions
️ Helps manage and prevent multiple Demodex-related skin problems

Where to purchase:

You can purchase the Skin Demodox Treatment from Ungex.

They sell many other Demodex products on their website that may be more suitable for you, please check out their full range here.

Thank you for reading, to see more beauty tips and reviews please add me on Instagram @beautypuzzled xxx




*Disclaimer – I did not get paid for this blog content and I do not receive affiliate marketing with my link, my link just provides self-recognition when consumers use my link. All content is in my honest opinion. Paid collaboration on Instagram only*

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Mac Half Red Lip Pencil Review

Recently I have preferred using lip liners to create a more bold and matte lip finish. It also creates an illusion of “fuller” lips. My newest fav in my lip liner collection is the Mac Half Red Lip Pencil.


I would say this shade is crossed between a berry/red/brown colour. I believe this colour should suit most skin types, depending on your natural lip pigmentation the colour pay off may vary. I have pretty pigmented lips therefore this colour appears more like a deep berry/mauve/brown colour on mine.


I noticed there are not a huge amount of reviews for this particular colour, the biggest talked about Mac lip pencil is Whirl, unfortunately, this made me look washed out. If whirl did not work for you then Half Red could be your answer. I personally think it is one of the most underrated colours in MACs lip collection, particularly for tanned skin individuals.


I use this lip pencil to outline my lips and to fill them in. I find this lip pencil creamy enough to glide on yet not too creamy that it swipes of easily. You may use this lip liner just to outline your lips and then use a lipstick a shade similar to fill in your lips. It is all a matter of preference 😊 P.S I always lip scrub and moisturise my lips before using lip pencils as they can be a little drying. 


Lasting power

For me personally, it stayed on for about 5 hours including eating and drinking in that time. There is some fading by then and needs a top-up.


It is just a regular wooden lip pencil that needs sharpening that states the shade at the end of the pencil.



£15 from MAC (Mac does student discount)

Overall look when lip pencil is applied:


I highly recommend this lip pencil it is one of my favourites and I have started wearing it on a regular bases, I would definitely re-purchase!!

Have you tried any of MAC lip liners, if so, which shade would you recommend?

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Black Seed Oil Review

About Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil comes from Nigella Sativa, a small plant with pale bluish purple or white flowers. This flower forms small black seeds with a rough surface and an oily white interior, the seeds are then pressed to create oil. Black seeds grow in a number of places, the best seeds can be found in Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt and India. Black seeds are also known as black cumin or kalonji.

Black seed, Nigella sativa, purple blue flower

Black seed oil has been used for over 3000 years; this superfood has often been referred to as “liquid gold” due to all the health benefits.  Muslims have a belief that these seeds have healing powers as the Prophet Muhammad stated: “use this black seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death”.

Black cumin seeds in wooden bowl and spoon

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

  • Asthma – It helps to reduce inflammation in the airways due to the anti-inflammatory properties in the black seed oil. It may also help with bronchitis symptoms.
  • Joint pain – Black seed oil contains Thymoquinone which is a natural pain killer and therefore helps reduce pain. You may drink it internally to help joint pains as well as rubbing this oil on the joints
  • Insomnia – the essential oil helps to relax the body and eases tension
  • Hair growth – this oil is known to stimulate hair growth
  • Acne – black seed oil contains fatty acids that flush out the excess oil and dissolves the fat deposits in your pores that cause acne. These fatty acids can also help with acne scarring.
  • Weight loss – it may help lower BMI levels
  • Diabetes – black seed oil may have anti-diabetic properties and improve blood sugar levels.
  • Breathing issues due to Corona Virus – The reason I found out about black seed oil was through a few of my friends who had unfortunately caught coronavirus and experienced breathing issues. They had tried this oil to help ease the tightness in their chest and loosen up their breathing difficulties from the virus, they had all reported black seed oil had helped their breathing a lot.  (Please note this is not medically proven but a natural remedy that has been passed on from those that have tried and tested.)

The list of health benefits goes on to rheumatoid arthritis, nasal inflammation, digestive issues, headaches and so much more.

The Blessed Seed Oil

The Blessed Seed Oil is one of the best black seed oil specialists on the market. They source the finest quality organic black seeds from Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt and India. They produce their black seed oil with the best care buy cold pressing the black seeds themselves instead of a big manufacturer. This allows them to have the closest eye on every step of the process and ensuring they can meet the best cold pressing temperature at no more of 104 degrees


How to use

Internally – You can consume this on its own, in any drink or as a salad dressing

Tropically – rub it directly on to your skin or hair

Inhalation – few drops to be added in a bowl of warm water and breath in the vapor.

My thoughts/experience on The Bless Seed original black seed oil

I had wanted to try black seed oil to help my asthma, skin/acne, hair and general well-being.


100ml contained in a brown glass bottle opposed to plastic. This helps to protect and preserve the oil as the dark glass keeps the temperature low.


This oil also comes with two types of lids, a normal screw-on cap and a small pourer type of lid. This ensures you do not waste any product. I really love this idea – it makes it easier to pour!

Product details – The Original Black Seed oil

  • 100% pure virgin black seed oil
  • Correctly cold compressed
  • 1.7% Potency
  • 66% Thymoquinone – natural pain killer / reduces inflammation
  • Contains Omega 6 and Omega 9


The original Black Seed oil costs £9.90 (they currently have 10% off)


I first wanted to try this internally. If you are new to black seeds then please ween yourself into the product, do not rush to take high doses, as this may cause more harm than good. I began with taking ¼ teaspoon and then over the days increased this a little more. Once your body is used to this, you can increase it as much as 5ml 3 times a day. This will be to your preference and how your body is reacting to it. More instructions on dosage are stated on their website.


Tip – It is easy to measure 5ml with a medicine spoon (I always have one lying around the house)


Now I will not lie and say this is the tastiest thing I have consumed. The first time I tasted this I found the taste quite strong, however after this, I had decided to have this with honey and this was much better, and you eventually get more used to the taste. I will next try this as part of my smoothies. If you still dislike the taste then try the capsules.


I am just on the beginning of my journey with using Black Seed Oil and therefore have not experienced any huge differences with health benefits as of yet, but I have noticed small benefits already. The main reason I wanted to try this oil was to help with my asthma and just within a few days of use I would say I am starting to feel a little improvement already, my chest is less tight and I am taking my inhaler less. In regards to general well-being- I am feeling a little more energetic. I have also noticed my hair and skin are starting to feel softer.

I will provide a further update on this product once I have used it longer.

Which black seed oil to pick?

The Bless Seed sells black seed oil in 4 different potent levels – Mild, Original, Strong and Extra Strong. This is great as it can suit anyone from beginners to advanced users. I would suggest newbies to start with the mild or original versions and then move your way up. It is also very impressive that they sell one of the strongest black seed oils in the world.Oil kalingi in bottles and gravy boat on board

Some forms of black seed sold by The Bless Seed:

  • Oil – this is probably the most potent out of all the forms as the oil is cold compressed which allows all the nutrients from the seed to still be active.
  • Capsules – if you do not like the taste of the oil, then capsules would be a good choice
  • Honey – why not have some black seed benefits whilst consuming your honey. It also brings a sweeter taste to the black seed.
  • Raw seeds – you can use these seeds when cooking and you can also soak these seeds in water, drain the seeds and then drink the water.

Final thoughts

I am currently enjoying using this “liquid gold” oil. I have heard many great benefits of black seed oil and I have personally started to notice a few of these benefits already. Therefore, I would highly recommend this product. There is nothing to lose trying a natural product with little side effects. I will continue to use this as part of my daily routine.

You may purchase this product from –  The Blessed Seed

Disclaimer: I was sent this product from the blessed seed; however, this review is in my honest opinion.

Thank you for reading

xo Bhavi ox

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How To Create Loose Curls – No Heat!!


Its lockdown across the world and all us girls would love to take the opportunity to prevent heat hair styling. On the other hand, we still want to look cute for facetime, zoom meetings or just for your own general well-being.

I have started to see a trend on Instagram with curling your hair with a bathrobe string…. Yes, that’s right you heard correctly – using a bathrobe! I did not have any expectations for this but I had nothing to lose trying it out and guess what it worked!! For reference, my hair naturally is long, thick, frizzy with inconsistent waves.


Firstly, dampen your hair with water. You need to put the robe string on top of your head like a headband (yes, I know I look hilarious LOL). You then take a small chunk of hair at a time, twisting it around the robe. After each twist make sure to add more hair as you make your way down the robe. This is a similar method to french braids.

Secondly, tie the ends with a rubber band to hold the twists in place.


Lastly, leave this in your hair for a minimum 2-3 hours for loose curls (this is what I did), otherwise, leave on longer or overnight to make the curls tighter.


And there you go, it’s like magic, curly hair with no heat!! Tip: I put a small amount of curling mouse to keep the curls in place, I also use argan oil to help define the curls, prevent frizz and give my hair a shine. Argan oil also helps to replenish your hair in the long term. I use The Ordinary’s Organic Cold Press Moroccan Argan oil.


In conclusion, this little trick works!! I didn’t think it would, as I have tried other natural methods and they have not personally worked for me. The downfall is that it does not look as good compared to using a curling wand and doesn’t last as long but hey still looking hella cute without damaging my hair!!

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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How To Grow Your Hair Longer!!

I have been away for such a loooong time, however, the one good thing about during lockdown is that now I have a little more time on my hands to do some blogging again 😀 

One of the most popular questions I have been getting is “how did you get to grow your hair so long?” Now, those that are new to my blog – I have very long hair. You will find before and after photos at the end of this blog!! 

My hair has never really been very short since a kid, but it usually stays around the chest area length, however now it grows even longer and in a faster time frame. The only difference I had made over the last 2-3 years is that I started taking Viridian iron tablets and The Ordinary’s Marula oil. 


I will begin with The Ordinary’s – 100% cold-pressed virgin marula oil. This is a little goodness of nourishment in a bottle!! I had reached out for this product as I was on a hunt for finding a 2 in 1 hair oil that I could leave in my hair as well as use for styling. Marula oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruits of the Marula trees which contains antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids which reinforces deep nourishment. 


Other useful tips:

  • Do not wash your hair every day
  • Try to use heat styling products less as possible 
  • Use shampoos that are paraben/sulphate free 
  • Hair oils that you leave in all day/night and then wash out (unfortunately this no longer works for me)
  • Having a balanced healthy diet 

In summary, Viridian iron tablets and The Ordinary’s Marula oil is what has personally helped me in terms of reducing hair loss, reducing spilt ends, nourishment and faster hair growth, along side with regular hair cuts and having a balanced diet. Everyone is different and what works for me may not for another but I wanted to share my story as it may help some of you out there 😊


The Ordinary’s Marula oil  – Feelunique 

Viridian iron tablets – Viridian Nutrition

If anyone has any further questions or if you have any hair growth tips please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading

x Bhavi x



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NYX – Intense Butter Gloss

I am not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but there is one gloss that I just love and has been in my collection for a few years now. It is an oldie but still very popular amongst most bloggers – NYX – Intense Butter Gloss.  I have it in the colour Chocolate Crepe.


What a beautiful colour – again, I tend not to wear brown lip colours much as it kind of blends in with my skin tone and can appear dull. This colour is a great brown for those with tanned skin and those that are new to brown lipsticks. This is a brown with plum and rose undertones, which prevents the dull look. It is also opaque with a rich colour pay off.


This lip gloss can be a little sticky, but the reason it is my fav lip gloss is because it gives the appearance off “fuller lips” and is super hydrating! I would definitely say this makes your lips look “buttery” and “Moorish” !! The lasting power is decent for a hydrating lip gloss and lasts well on me till I eat food.

I give this lip gloss 4 lippies out of 5, it only lost one due to the stickiness feel it has.

I got mine from boots for £5.50

What is your favourite lip gloss?

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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Lipsticks from 90p!


Lipsticks from 90 pence?! Yes – you heard right!! Primark’s PS cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular – I mean for the price i’m not surprised and its worth a try whether you like it or not right?

Lets begin with the lip liners – I picked two up, similar colours but textures are different. They are both the standard lip pencil type that you need to sharpen and both packaging’s are super cute too!

First one I grabbed was the PS…Insta Girl Kissproof Lip Liner Pencil in the shade IT Girl. This costs £1.50. This shade is more of a light dusky mauvey-rose colour. The colour is slightly light for my liking but it is wearable (the swatch on my hand appears darker than compared to when applied to my lips). I line my lips with this and then fill my lips in with Clinque Pop Matte Lipstick in the shade Cute Pop which are both a similar colour, but cute pop is a tad darker so I prefer this match up.

This is a proper matt lip liner therefore the texture is a little drying on my lips, it is purely fine as a lip liner but I would not be able to fill my lips in all over if I wanted too as it is not very spreadable/creamy…. but the staying power…is WOW!! I mean wow … for £1.50 this lip liner stays on a lot longer than higher priced lip liners!

Top – Vintage Rose, Bottom – IT Girl

As you can see above I tried rubbing this lip liner off compared to the other Primark lip liner I will discuss below. Is this “Kiss Proof?” – that I have not tried unfortunately 😦 lol! – but as this does not budge I would definitely assume so :P!

Second lip liner I grabbed was from the standard range in the shade Vintage Rose for £1. I prefer this colour to the IT Girl as this was a little more of a medium rosey-pink colour.

Top – Vintage Rose, Bottom – IT Girl

The texture is more creamy and finishes as satin matt. It was more spreadable to fill in all my lips. I personally prefer using a lipstick to fill in my lips but wanted to test this out for review purposes as I know some people like to do this. Even though this lip liner was more creamy, it did stay on my lips a good amount of time but no comparison to the Primark Insta Girl Kiss Proof lip liners.

Now, the cheapest out of the bunch – lipsticks for 90p! I Picked up the shade Vintage Rose, to go with the above lip liner. They work together like a dream.

The lipstick shade is the same as the lip liner – however I do find once it sets on my lips the colour comes out bolder and more rosey pink than first applied which a find very flattering on my skin tone. The texture is very creamy and it leaves a satin/glossy finish (not glittery btw). I prefer a more satin matt finish but for a duo lipstick and lip liner match for £1.90 I can not complain?!! Plus this smells incredible – smells like sweets!

Wearing Vintage Rose lipstick

I enjoyed using all three of these budget lipsticks and lip liners. The Insta Girl Kiss Proof Lip Liner has excellent staying power but I am not the biggest fan of the colour – perhaps I will check out more colours! Therefore, I find my self picking up the vintage rose lip liner and lip stick more often as they are a great match together. They will suit most skin tones and a colour than can be worn day time or evening.

I will definitely be trying out more Primark products now!

Have you tried any Primark lipsticks/ products? If so, let me know your favs! 😀

Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo

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Herbal Essences bio:rebew shampoo

In this winter weather my hair becomes dry and frizzy due to the harsh winds and rain. Don’t know about you but during this season my hair needs more hydration and repair.

I decided to try the new Herbal Essences bio:renew line – Argan oil of Morocco as it is targeted to repair hair making it softer. I also liked that this shampoo is free from colourants, gluten and is pH balanced.

Upon application the texture of both the shampoo and conditioner are both soft, thick and creamy. They are a dream to apply and easy to wash off without tangling my hair.

The smell is beautiful, I can not put my finger on the scent exactly, a little like vanilla but overall it has a sweet scent.

After blow drying and straightening my hair, it does definitely feel a lot softer, shiner and smoother than before. So soft that I feel my hair looks too straight after straightening if that is such a thing!? But in this weather that is a good thing as I find my hair is straighter for longer when in the rain. The one down side of this shampoo I find perhaps due to all the softening affects is that it makes my hair last one day less to washing when compared to some other shampoos.

After washing and styling my hair  

Thank you for reading

Bhavi x o x o

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Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

Good Afternoon!

It has been an extremely long time since I last posted a blog post, life has been very hectic recently! I know a few of you have been messaging me asking for more blog posts – therefore I will definitely try to do more. I have several products I have tried and tested for you guys. Today I will begin with, The Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask.

Believe it or not but I have never tried a face mask! I have sensitive skin therefore I have always been scared to try something new on my face and especially a face mask you have to leave on your skin for a while, but I thought I will give it a go. As I have sensitive skin, I did not want to immediately purchase the full size tube, Lush kindly provide samples with a lot of their products.

Lush sell several types of face masks, I was particularly interested in their fresh masks as it sounds more natural. I decided on the Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask – as this one is more targeted for sensitive skin. The full size product costs £7.50

Lush have stated the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask is “A calming fresh face mask with fresh seaweed, ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera to soothe and soften the skin. We also use rosemary oil for its regenerative qualities, kaolin to remove any excess dirt or oil, and millet flakes to gently exfoliate away dead skin as you scrub it off. To use, smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.”

Sounds good huh? a fresh mask containing a lot of beneficial natural products to help hydrate your face!

You need to put this mask in to the fridge as soon as you purchase it, I think it only lasts around 4-5 hours if not refrigerated, after this the mask lasts up to 4 weeks.

Prep – I took my make up off and exfoliated my face in a hot shower to open my pores before I applied this face mask.

Opening the tub – the mask smells fresh and smells kind of “oceany” perhaps due to the seaweed but not over over powering, it is pretty thick in texture with little bits of seaweed chunks in there, but not to thick that you cant spread the mask on evenly.

As I had a sample tub, I could not apply a super generous amount, however I did manage to cover a full face out of such a small tub, which is very decent! It shows a little goes a long way. I left the mask on for 15 minutes as instructed. While the mask was on it felt nice and fresh, perhaps due to the fact it came out the fridge! Even though I could see the mask drying, this did not make my face feel uncomfortable and tight.

I then washed this off with warm water, as I rinsed this off, I gently rubbed the mask off in circular motions to allow the seaweed and millet flakes to exfoliate my skin. After this I made sure I rinsed my face with cold water and I especially concentrated on my pore prone areas – the cold water will allow to close your pores.

Results – My skin felt so soft! Now that it is winter my face is more on the dry side, and my face felt hydrated and fresh – I did not have to apply as much moisturiser as I usually do. The mask did not irritate my sensitive skin nor did the mask make my acne prone skin worse – in fact it contributed on making a couple of spots reduce in size by the next morning. It also helped blur out my pore prone areas and helped my t-zone area look less oily.

As you can see it helped my very complex-acne-sensitive-dry-combo-pore-prone face (wow that is a mouth full). I would deffo recommend this face mask – I think It will be suited for all skin types! I would purchase this face mask again.

BTW – It has been a lovely cosy Sunday ! I woke up to snow! YAY! Now in London it does not always snow in the winter and it has not snowed in December in many years now – how exciting for us Londoners!! 😀

Happy Sunday, Thank you for reading

Bhavi xoxo